Bandai Namco cancels 5 game projects in development

During a Q&A after this quarter’s financial report, famous game developer Bandai Namco just revealed some not-so-happy information – at least 5 game projects in development have been canceled. The reason for this comes from a change in Bandai Namco’s internal evaluation regulations.

The company has set stricter standards to evaluate which projects will continue to develop because current projects are costing more than expected. In addition, the long development time also makes it take longer for Bandai Namco to recover capital. The company added that in addition to narrowing the number of projects in development, they are also looking to optimize existing games.


It is known that in the fiscal quarter ending this December, Bandai Namco recorded a net revenue decrease of 8.9% compared to the same period last year with revenue down 96.5%. The reason for this decline comes from the ineffective performance of the company’s games. One of all Blue Protocol – a Bandai MMORPG in partnership with Amazon Games. This game was released in Japan last year but has not yet launched in other regions.

The good news is that Bandai’s recent project is Tekken 8 is having bright prospects having sold 2 million copies. The game is expected to continue to be sold until the next fiscal year. Bandai also currently has many other plans for 2024, such as DLC Elden Ring, Little Nightmares 3, Sand Land, The Dark Pictures: Directive 8020 is good Dragon Ball: Sparkling! Zero…

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