“ArPG War Trophy” Black Moon with neo-classical Arcade style combined with official opening for early download on January 25, 2024

Right now, gamers can download Black Moon Quyen Than to their devices to get ready for the ultimate action battle on January 25, 2024.

After a long period of testing and careful editing for nearly “9 months and 10 days”, the Black Moon Quyen Than community has finally been able to wait for the official launch date of OB on January 25. This.

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ARPG war products officially launched on January 25, 2024 in 6 countries.

Right before the New Year of Giap Thin, Vietnamese gamers will have an attractive spiritual dish and be able to compare their fighting ability to dominate the Southeast Asia Rankings when the fast-paced Action RPG game Black Moon Quyen Than will be released. At the same time, it introduced gamers in 6 countries Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines on 2 platforms IOS and Android.

Currently, the Black Moon community is having a series of launch events giving away thousands of VIP codes and limited SSR item sets. Don’t miss the opportunity to receive “full armor” to fight with all Southeast Asian players, players can download the game HERE

Black Moon Quyen Than is a classic 2D Arcade style action game with Side-scrolling horizontal screen gameplay. Players can control the character to move and fight in left, right or up and down directions like previous arcade games. The battles take place at a fast pace, making the “game” more bloody and dramatic through real-time PK battles, requiring players to have flexible and sharp reflexes.

Key Combinations – Characteristic of previous arcade games.

Besides the classic gameplay, Black Moon Quyen Than combines many modern elements to suit today’s player tastes. Most worth mentioning is that the game graphics are designed in an extremely beautiful Anime style, the characters are delicately drawn in a Japanese style and each character possesses a diverse personality, skills and storyline. Modern visual effects, music and sound with elements from the world of neo-fiction and paranormal technology help players clearly feel that Black Moon Quyen Than is an enchanting open world.

The game graphics are designed in Anime style.

Black Moon Quyen Than is a delicate combination of classic and modern, opening up endless space for players to explore and enjoy. Main quest system with many diverse rewards. Enjoy diverse activities and different timelines such as climbing towers, overcoming dungeons, fighting Bosses, attacking army bases, challenging your limits,…

Especially attractive PvP modes with full scale from singles, teams to clans. The most attractive thing is none other than real-time ranked matches with other players. Where combat power and strength are no longer the things that completely determine victory, but skills (combos, dodges, Ulti, etc.), the ability to arrange skills are the key factors that bring about victory. win.

Rich and diverse skill system for players to choose from

If you love the Arcade game series and experience the familiar feeling of childhood, don’t forget to discover the secrets of Black Moon in your own way. Download the game today to receive the earliest incentives when opening the game. Please.

Game download link: HERE

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