After videos that made people suspect abuse, the female Youtuber has been “missing” for 19 months now

Around June 2019, netizens were abuzz because doubtful Kate Yupfemale YouTuber Anonymous has a channel of the same name specializing in making videos mukbang giant seafood, suffered violence. Specifically when you first join the platform Youtube, her videos were buried among countless mukbang videos from many parts of the world, but that all changed when viewers began to discover strange signs of her in the videos uploaded above. Youtube and other social networks. People pay more attention doubt There is a mystery of manipulation behind it.

If you search for the keyword “What Happen To Kate Yup” you will see analysis videos of many other Youtubers.

After that, Kate Yup’s videos were “dissected” and showed many mysterious points. For example, Kate has never fully revealed her face. She also did not leave any contact information in the description of the video, so no one knows who she is in real life. They only know that this girl may be French or of French origin because this country’s accent is quite heavy in her greetings. rare in the first video. In addition, during the mukbang, Kate never talked but only focused on eating, she ate a lot and quickly as if she had been starved for a long time. The female Youtuber conveys everything through self-edited subtitles below, but her font is very strange.

Kate once said she lived alone, but netizens pointed out many details showing that this was not the case. In one scene, the girl’s camera was moved as if someone was passing by, and occasionally a few words urging her to eat quickly were also leaked into the video. At its peak, viewers discovered many suspicious signs on her body (bruises on her arms, split lips, broken teeth) showing that Kate was physically abused. She is also shown trying to call for help using Morse code in one scene and writing SOS in capital letters under the subtitles.

Bruises and a split lip raised suspicions that Kate had been beaten.

The letters “SOS” are capitalized.

After this suspicion, Kate Yup became the center of discussion everywhere. A short time later, she left a response reassuring everyone that no one forced her to eat or abused her in any way, she also had no health problems, the bruises were due to sunburn and Cleft lip is caused by a type of genital bacteria. But of course no one believes it. After that, her frequency of posting videos gradually decreased and stopped on November 10, 2019. Up to now, Kate Yup has not had any new videos or moves for 19 months.

Netizens also quickly found another suspicious point in her last video (now deleted). Specifically, in the video there is a subtitle “I can die in peace after this bite”, which can be understood in the sense of “this dish is so delicious” or “I can die in peace after this bite”.

“I can die in peace after this piece.”

Since then, Kate Yup has completely “disappeared” from social networks. Many of the worst theories have been put forward, but many internet detectives believe that maybe she wanted to end her joke about being abused, so she stopped and focused more on her real life. It cannot be denied that the abuse suspicions have made her and the Kate Yup channel much more famous than before.

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