After taking a bath, the hot streamer’s channel was locked again because of the trend of “licking the microphone” to create sensitive sounds on air.

Just last month, the “hot tub meta” trend, or simply put, started livestream take a bath and show off your body loudly Twitch, Amouranth also appeared and was banned from advertising indefinitely by the platform. At that time, she was quite dissatisfied with Twitch’s decision and even continued to live “bathing” again as a way of responding.

Although it violates Twitch’s community guidelines, it cannot be denied that following these somewhat sensitive trends helps Amouranth attract a large number of followers. Therefore, when the trend of livestreaming ASMR appear, female streamer Of course, it cannot be absent and the consequences are as we know.


ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – roughly translated: independent orgasmic response) is a phrase used to refer to normal sound phenomena but is recorded and played at a slightly higher volume, making the viewer feel tingly. pleasant sounds, such as the sound of water flowing, the sound of chewing food, etc. On Twitch, most of the content in the ASMR category is quite innocuous, but recently the number of viewers has increased dramatically. with female participation streamer like IndieFoxx and Amouranth. Specifically, these hot streamers will “lick the microphone” to create suggestive sounds while performing yoga moves in front of the frame. For each channel subscription, this female streamer will perform 20 seconds of ASMR. Twitch doesn’t usually provide specific reasons for bans, but it’s safe to assume this type of behavior is considered pornography and is against the platform’s terms.


This is Amouranth’s fourth ban on Twitch. In addition, IndieFoxx, another female ASMR live streamer, also received a similar ban. Since broadcasting ASMR, the number of subscribers to both female streamers’ channels has increased rapidly. As for Amouranth, thanks to participating in both the bathtub and “microphone licking” trends, the number of channel subscribers increased from 11,000 in March to more than 20,000 at the end of May.​

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