After a turbulent launch, the Payday 3 developer promises to improve quality this month

After a disastrous debut Payday 3 plummeting to a Mostly Negative rating on Steam, developer Starbreeze has promised to bring more than 200 quality of life changes to the game this month. Further improvements are also planned for a series of patches to be released throughout the remaining three months of 2023.


The update on the developer’s website mentions fixes made last week to help stabilize the process find matches of Payday 3, as well as providing a roadmap for the next few months. Starbreeze said the matchmaking feature is stable and performing well after maintenance took place on September 26 and September 29.

The developer says it will now “increase commercial activities around Payday 3, after partially pausing them last week. This could be promotion of the game or its implementation Payday Credits – the game’s microtransactions. Additionally, an update taking place earlier this month is set to roll out over 200 quality of life improvements to all platforms.


The next two updates will bring quality of life changes as well as new content and functionality before DLC first of the game, Syntax Error, released in the Winter. Payday 3 will also have platform-specific updates, although Starbreeze did not reveal release date details for these updates.

Payday 3 has had a rough start since launching last week. The requirement to always be connected to the Internet has made many players uncomfortable. Frequent server issues throughout the launch process caused fans to vent their frustrations in Steam reviews. The game currently has a 38% positive review rate and is in the top 50 worst rated games on Valve’s platform.

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