Accidentally going to the attic, the gamer rediscovered the ancient game store that had been lost for 20 years

In the mid-90s, the boom of PS1 helped Sony made a fortune and became one of the leading companies in the gaming industry ever since. Part of the reason the PS1 was such a huge success was thanks to its extremely diverse game library, from survival horror to sports,…


Like many gamers at that time, Reddit account mad1984 also collected a large number of tapes PS1 games, of course it is indispensable to have the most famous names ever released such as Final Fantasy 7 to 9, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Crash Bandicoot, Tekken 2 and 3, Grand Theft Auto,… Surely this is a valuable treasure for every gamer, but at that time it seemed to have hidden them in a very secret place and was accidentally forgotten, mab1984 accidentally forgot the existence of this game tape store. He tried looking again but couldn’t find it, and it wasn’t until recently when he returned to his parents’ house that he was happy to realize it was all stored in a large cabinet in the attic.

Price of the pcs Ancient game cartridges Not cheap at the present time, mab1984 can absolutely make a lot of money by reselling them. However, sharing on Reddit, this gamer said he would not do that because they are associated with too many of his good memories. mad1984 even clearly remembers how he diligently rewrote the entire instructions when completing each game.


If you do not have a passion for collecting, gamers do not need to spend large amounts of money to replay titles ancient game hey as some are still available for download on PlayStation Store for old platforms like PS3 or PS Vita. Sony once wanted to close the PlayStation Store on older platforms but changed its decision after facing fierce opposition from fans. However, in the future, closure is probably inevitable, so those who want to remember these PS1 games should quickly download them while they still have the chance.

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