A touching same-sex love story from the Thien Nu 2 community

The wonderful thing about that day was the tight hugs, tears of love from the people involved and the applause and cheers of many Vietnamese gamers. They were surprised and happy with the happy endings of the “Mobile Thien Nu Game Festival”. It was truly a happy day, a happy time for everyone Thien Nu community 2.


And the special thing of that day was the confession of Qui and Danh, an LGBTQ+ couple coming out in front of tens of thousands of Vietnamese gamers. After nearly a year of being together, Quy proactively confessed his love and Danh “affirmed his sovereignty” with a display of love, the two exchanged rings and bonded for a long time. Danh’s face and eyes were also filled with happiness, holding Quy’s hand tightly as a promise of lasting companionship in the days ahead.

Share with Thien Nu 2Quy confided: “You are the perfect piece for Danh’s feelings, and Danh is the love that I have been looking for for many years. We fell in love at first sight, truly made for each other”.

Quy also shared that he had previously had to overcome difficulties and pressures in life. You only know about work and want to completely stop working with Danh. However, that was also the moment he suddenly realized that Danh was always by his side, caring, tolerant and this was definitely the person who would go a long way with Quy. That gave Quy the motivation to confess his love to Danh in front of the community. The two held hands and looked in the same direction.


The couple did not forget to thank their friends and relatives (especially both parents) for understanding, sympathizing and always supporting their love. “Thank you so much Thien Nu 2 for bringing us together. Wishing the game always develop, the community is sustainable and there is always lots of beautiful love” – Quy and Danh expressed. The couple is currently preparing plans to move into the same house next year. It is expected to be a small, cozy wedding on a beach with the participation of relatives, friends and colleagues.


Real virtual love or real-life love in games is no longer strange to young Vietnamese people, but this is a rare time that the gaming community knows about an extremely beautiful and happy LGBTQ+ love. This is also the first time Thien Nu 2 dedicates its entire offline space to the love of gamers.


It is known that Thien Nu 2 just turned 5 years old, the new game celebrates its birthday with a jubilant, stirring offline performance in recent days. The game is always developing, has a sustainable community and is always a “common home” for those who love Thien Nu 2.​

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