How To Allow Cheats In Custom Game Valorant


Valorant, developed by Riot Games, is a wildly popular team shooter game since it started in 2020. Millions of players are loving the intense tactical face-offs. There’s a custom mode that lets you run your own private games where you can tweak the rules to your liking, including allowing cheats that give you an upper hand over your opponents. This piece will walk you through how to enable cheats in Valorant’s custom games. We’ll go over turning on cheats in the lobby, picking them for your game, tweaking the game settings, setting up a private match, and getting your friends to join your custom game. After this guide, you’ll know how to use cheats in Valorant to gain an edge and score more wins.

Turn on Cheats in the Lobby

Customizing your game with specific features to make it more fun is key in Valorant. You can change settings like skill level and map selection to build a game that fits your style and skills. To turn on cheats in the lobby of a custom game, first, the host should pick ‘Create Custom Game’ from the main menu to access the settings. Then they have to hit ‘Allow Cheats’ under the ‘Settings’ tab on the lobby’s right side. This means all players who join that game can use the enabled cheats.

Keep in mind that cheats can give some unfair advantages during online play. Before turning on cheats, the host should think about any potential fallout or issues. They also need to consider how much control they’re okay with giving up over their custom lobby when they allow other players to use a range of cheat options. Some players might not use them responsibly or fairly in private sessions. Giving players more freedom in custom lobbies can make the game more immersive and exciting, but be cautious about unrestricted access to cheats since they can mess with gameplay dynamics if used wrongly.


Pick Your Cheats

When setting up a custom game in Valorant, you need to think about whether you want cheats and which ones to use. You can tweak features like weapon balance and map control when you enable cheats.

Cheat options range from weapon balancing to giving players special abilities when they spawn. You can change damage levels, health regeneration rates, or even tweak the aiming speed of weapons or remove recoil completely. You could also allow teleportation abilities to jump across maps or speed up the game time for faster gameplay.

These changes can drastically change the way the game is played, so they need careful thought. Depending on how you apply these changes, they can seriously affect how fun the game is for everyone playing. So when adding cheats into Valorant custom games, consider what changes will make the game more enjoyable but keep it balanced for everyone.

Tweak Game Settings


Health, Armor, and Spawn Times are big topics when discussing custom game settings in Valorant. Knowing how to adjust these settings through cheats can make the game more fun for everyone. Cheats that let players change health and armor levels of their characters and tweak spawn times could tilt the game in their favor.


Player health is a big factor in making a virtual game enjoyable. To prevent hacking, make sure player health in custom games can be protected by using damage reduction systems. These systems, like shields, armor, and healing potions, reduce or block enemy attacks on player health, keeping the game fair and fun for all players. Game designers could add features like regenerating health points or extra lives to give players more protection from enemies. Enabling these systems in custom games makes players feel safer, making the game more fun.


Armor is a way to reduce enemy attack damage on player health, making the game fairer. Customizing armor in games like Valorant lets players decide how much protection they want. Armor customization lets players choose different types of armor with various protection levels, giving them an advantage over their opponents. Players can beef up their armor’s durability by upgrading it or buying stronger pieces. Shield mechanics are also key in this game, as they let players absorb a certain amount of damage before their health points start going down. This mechanic offers extra protection while keeping gameplay fair and balanced. Players can customize shields according to their needs, giving more flexibility in protecting themselves during combat.

Spawn Times


Spawn times play a big part in keeping the game balanced for all players. Things like spawn locations, weapon damage, and health points should be considered when tweaking spawn times. Adjusting spawn times in Valorant custom games can make the game more fun for players who want to use cheats or hacks.

For example, if a team is using cheats or hacks that give them an advantage, adjusting the spawn times so they can respawn faster than normal could be smart. This gives them less vulnerable time on the map and can balance out any unfairness caused by their cheating. Plus, reducing time between spawns pushes players to move around the map faster, making the game more dynamic and exciting.

Set up a Private Match

Setting up a private match is a great way for players to tailor the game to their liking. They can control the map selection and set specific rules, which can be helpful when allowing cheats. Players can pick the map they want to play on and adjust settings like recoil control and player numbers. This makes setting up a custom game with cheats more flexible and creative.

Besides these options, players have a bunch of customization tools to tailor their private match to their preferences. They can pick different game modes like deathmatch or capture-the-flag, set up tournaments with specific rules, and tweak their character’s loadout – like weapon types and abilities – to better suit playing with cheats enabled.

Private matches are also great for trying out new strategies and tactics without any competition around, especially if players are experimenting with cheats while still getting used to Valorant’s mechanics. Allowing cheats in custom games also encourages teamwork since everyone needs to work together to win against AI opponents or other teams using similar methods.

Invite Friends to Your Custom Game

Getting friends to join a Valorant custom game can make for a unique and exciting gaming experience. To make the most of it, players should discuss team strategies and map knowledge before the game. This way, everyone can come up with strategies that work best for their team and understand different aspects of each map.

Everyone should understand what kind of custom game they’ll be playing, including any rules they need to follow. They also need to agree on how cheats are allowed in the game, including whether exploits are allowed and which cheats are okay and which ones aren’t.

When inviting friends to a Valorant custom game, everyone should agree on how cheating will be handled during gameplay. This way, everyone can have a fun and fair time playing together in a custom match.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get all my friends into my Valorant custom game?

While you’re sorting out your custom game, remember to think about cheat codes. You’ve gotta keep things on the level, so everyone can hop in the game without worrying about any risky cheats. Make sure any cheat codes you use aren’t gonna mess with how the game plays. And don’t forget, everyone needs to get these cheat codes and know how they work before using them, so you all can have a blast.


Can I use the same cheats in different custom games?

Getting caught cheating in Valorant custom games isn’t too hard, thanks to anti-cheat software that spots and stops cheaters. This stuff can boot cheaters out of the game or even ban them from future games. But keep in mind, not every cheat’s gonna work in every custom game, because each game might check for cheats in a different way. So, if you wanna cheat in lots of custom games, make sure your go-to cheat’s gonna work with each game’s cheat-detection.

Can I keep an eye on cheats in my custom game?

When you’re running your Valorant custom game, you gotta think about anti-cheat steps and the right way to talk about it, so cheats don’t mess up your game. You can keep track of cheats with tools like BattlEye or EAC, which can spot cheaters, block bad files from being used in the game, and tell players when there’s dodgy stuff going on. And if you’ve got a bunch of players, it might help to have a system where everyone’s gotta message each other before the game starts to stop any cheating before it begins.

Is there a limit to how many cheats I can use in my custom game?

You gotta remember, cheats in Valorant custom games can really change how the game turns out. There’s no official limit on how many cheats you can use in a custom game, but everyone should agree on the rules about which cheats are okay and which aren’t before the game starts. And someone’s gotta keep an eye on the cheating and step in if things get out of hand.

Can I stop other players from cheating in my custom game?

When you’re setting up a Valorant custom game, think about the chance of other players cheating. The game’s developers have put in some anti-cheat tools to handle this, like ways to report cheats and spot fishy behavior. These are there to stop cheating and make sure everyone has a good, safe time. Plus, if you’re in charge of the server, you can use a private server with extra security to stop players from cheating.


Cheating in Valorant custom games can spice things up. It lets players shake up their game and make things more fun. First off, you gotta turn on cheats in the game lobby, then pick the cheats you wanna use in your custom game. Once you’ve got that sorted, you can tweak some game settings to get the game you want. Finally, start a private match and invite your friends, so they can get in on your custom game with the cheats on. With that done, you’re all set to play your Valorant custom game with cheats. Give it a try, and make your game more fun each time you play.