How To Add Game In Youtube Description

Slapping a game in the description of a YouTube video is a wicked good way to grab viewers and get them to mingle with the content. You can use it to get a chat going or stir up some creativity among viewers. In this piece, we’re gonna chat about how to stick a game in the description of your YouTube video, including how to pick and whip up clear instructions, how to drop it in the description, and how to give it a whirl before showing it off. By going through these steps, you can make sure your game is fun and just right for your peeps.


Pick a Game

Choosing the right game is super important when making content for YouTube. When picking a game, you gotta think about the type of game and what your audience digs. Depending on what your channel’s all about, there’s loads of different game types to pick from. For instance, there’s adventure games, first-person shooter games, racing games, strategy games, and sports games. It’s crucial to do your homework and find out which genre matches your channel’s crowd before choosing a game.

Besides genre preferences, there’s other stuff you gotta think about when picking a game, like age rating and how hard it is. Some games might be too tricky or not cool for some viewers because of their age or skill level. Plus, some games might have stuff that doesn’t play nice with the platform they’re being posted on; so you gotta make sure the game you choose and YouTube’s rules get along before going any further with making content.

When picking a good game for YouTube videos you gotta do your research to find out what kind of game would be a hit with your audience and double check that any games you pick tick all the boxes for uploading on YouTube. This will make sure your viewers can enjoy your content without any hitches.

Write Your Game Instructions


When making game instructions, you gotta chuck in links to stuff like video tutorials and other handy websites. You need a thorough rundown of the rules so players get the whole picture. Also, all instructions should be written in a way that’s easy to get and uses language that fits your audience.

Add Links to Handy Resources

This bit is all about including links to stuff related to the topic. Sticking external links in YouTube’s description section can help viewers get to useful info about a game, like gameplay footage and reviews, super fast. Links should be picked carefully and checked to make sure they’re from trustworthy sources with the right info. Also, creators should think about linking to online tools or platforms used for streaming games, like Twitch or Mixer, letting viewers see the game being played live with comments from the creator. This could get more chats going between creators and viewers, making their bond stronger and adding an extra bit of fun for viewers. Lastly, adding external links gets people more involved by giving them more content on the same topic without making them leave YouTube’s platform.

Give a Run-Down of the Rules

Writing up a detailed rundown of the game rules can help viewers get the content and interact with it better. When writing up the rules, you gotta think about the game pick and how it works. The game pick should include a quick summary of what kind of game is being played, like if it’s a strategy or shooter video game. Also, the game workings should be explained in a simple, easy-to-get way. This will make it easier for viewers to get what they’re seeing and let them interact with content more effectively.

When giving the rules for any type of game, you gotta make sure all the important info is included to best explain how the game works and what players need to do during the game. For example, if the game involves buying stuff from virtual shops, then this should be clearly said in the description so viewers know what might happen during the game. Also, clear instructions on how each part works can help keep viewers interested while playing or watching others play. By doing these things when writing up a rundown of gaming rules in YouTube descriptions, gamers will find it easier to get the game and interact with the content more effectively.

Stick the Game in Your Video’s Blurb


Pop all the important game stuff in the video’s blurb and your viewers will get what you’re on about way better. Putting the game in the blurb is biggie because it gives folks an idea of what they’re in for if they watch your video and how it all fits together. It’s a smart move for creators to chuck in details like genre, platform, and who made the game. This lets viewers dig up games by genre or platform when they’re hunting for something new on YouTube. Plus, it helps you reel in people who might be into a specific type of game or platform.

When you’re getting the game’s deets into the blurb, think about using keywords tied to what the game’s got going on. This helps people find your video when they’re looking for something super specific on YouTube. Picking the right places to share your videos can also bump up how many people see them, and get them showing up in more search engines. For example, if you’re doing a review of a mobile app, hit up platforms like Apple App Store or Google Play because loads of people are already there searching for apps.

Also, make sure you’ve got all the key details about the game in there to give a full picture in the description. Chucking in screenshots or trailers can make the viewer’s experience even better by giving them a sneak peek of what they’ll see when they play or watch your video. And links to official sites like Steam or Xbox Live can be a good shout if people want to find out more before they jump in.

Give it a Go

Playing the game before you stick it in a YouTube description is key. It helps you and your potential viewers figure out if it’s worth your time. With social media and gaming all mixed up, giving a game a whirl before you chat about it on YouTube can be a win. You’ll get a sense of how well the game works and if it’ll be a hit with viewers. It also gives YouTube users a helping hand deciding which games are worth their time.

By trying out different games, you can weigh up stuff like graphics, sound effects, how the story moves along, and other important bits for deciding which ones will vibe with your channel. Plus, playing these games gives you handy feedback you can use to make your content more interesting when you’re talking about them in videos or descriptions. This means your viewers are getting the real deal about what they’ll get if they play the game themselves.

Before you start sticking games in YouTube descriptions, make sure you’ve played them first to see if they’ll be a hit with viewers. This means you’ll only share games that are likely to get big, giving you more chances to engage with your viewers and do well with your channel.

Shout About Your Game

Once you’ve given the game a go, it’s time to shout about it. Promotion and marketing are big parts of game design, because they let people know about the game and get them excited to play it. So, YouTube can be a solid place to plug a game.

To really sell a game on YouTube in the description, you need a catchy title that sums up what your video’s about. And you need the right tags so your video shows up when viewers search for similar stuff. Also, stick in a quick rundown of what’s in the video and any other handy info like where and how to buy or download the game. To make viewers even more keen to play the game, devs might want to chuck in some sweeteners like discounts or special offers in the descriptions.

It’s key for devs to make sure their videos have clear and interesting descriptions to pull in potential players who find them on YouTube. This could get more people interested in playing the game and could seriously boost sales if done right.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my game easy to get?


If you’re making a game for YouTube, you need to make it interactive and visual. Make sure it’s easy for players to get the hang of the game with clear goals and helpful hints throughout. And use visuals to tell your story and make players think about what they’re doing. If you get all this right, your YouTube audience will find your game a breeze.

What games do well on YouTube?

Games are getting big on YouTube, especially interactive ones that pull users in. A study of YouTube found that users get way more into it when they can interact with games. Stuff like graphics and sound quality, how hard the game is, and how many times you can play it all influence how well it does. Interactive games that are easy to get and don’t need too much effort are usually a hit with YouTube viewers.

How can I make my game stand out and keep people’s interest?

To make a unique and interesting game for YouTube viewers and get noticed, focus on making the gameplay and features fun. Video tutorials on how to play the game can also help draw in more players and get them used to how to play. With all this, you can make a gaming experience that YouTube viewers will love.

Can I make money from my game?

Monetizing a game can be tough, but if you know what you’re doing and keep up with gaming trends, you can do it. Creators should look into the best ways to make money from their game, like in-game ads or microtransactions. Different types of games need different ways to make money, so think about what will work best for your game. And there might be legal stuff to think about if you’re making a game to sell.

Are there any legal issues I need to think about when I put a game in my YouTube description?

If you’re putting a game in your YouTube description, remember to think about any copyright or legal stuff. Check out the license before you put the game in the description, and make sure you know about any ad restrictions. If you don’t, you could end up in a legal pickle. It’s also a good idea to look up the right way to put games in YouTube descriptions to stay on the right side of copyright and ad rules.

Wrapping Up

In short, adding a game to your YouTube descriptions can really pull in viewers and make your videos more fun. And it can get you more viewers as they get into the game linked in the description. Adding games is a piece of cake as long as you follow the steps. If you get it right, you’ll make a game that viewers will love, and it’s a brilliant way for creators to make their videos stand out on YouTube.”