Xdefiant – Call of Duty’s new rival revealed

Ubisoft revealed the game Tom Clancy Next, that is XDefiant. From the gameplay clip shared on social networks, it can be seen that XDefiant is shooting game Fast-paced with many new additions to the otherwise dull world Clancyverse universe.


XDefiant is a free-to-play arena shooter with classes inspired by previous Tom Clancy games. The game currently has 4 classes: The Wolves, Cleaners, Echelon and Outcasts with the roles of tank, dps, support and healer respectively. Players can customize their characters with superior traits, abilities, and powers. The developers say XDefiant’s focus is on ensuring the core gunplay action element still delivers the best experience.

Stage beta. beta will launch on August 5 on PC. Players can register on the official website here. Ubisoft aims to get XDefiant into players’ hands early to receive feedback and make appropriate modifications.​

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