Xbox rolls out new reporting feature for in-game voice chat

Today, Xbox released one feature denounce with a new voice to fight back against toxicity in conversations Voice chat when playing online games. The feature, currently available to Xbox Insiders, allows them to record a 60-second video clip of in-game voice chat and submit it for review by the Xbox Security Team.


The Security Team will evaluate the user’s report to determine whether there is a policy violation and then send detailed evaluation results and reasons to the player via the notification update feature.

Xbox is following the “record now, report later” scenario. Players can initiate a report while in-game by recording footage and submitting a report with minimal interruption during gameplay. Clips will be saved on the player’s Console for 24 hours, providing flexibility when reporting. Xbox will also send reminders for clips that have been recorded but have not yet been reported. Clips that are not reported within 24 hours will be automatically deleted.


Voice reporting will be rolled out to Xbox Insiders in a test period before being rolled out in English-language markets such as the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Zealand. Xbox is also working on applying this feature to other languages.

With the above addition, Xbox’s reporting feature now includes text, image, video, and voice reporting. The company is calling on players to take action, become active allies, and denounce any instances of toxic and malicious behavior online. To learn more information about Xbox community standards, visit the Xbox website and Xbox blog.​

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