Xbox Game Pass cuts point-earning missions, causing users to complain to the heavens

Microsoft just removed certain quests from Xbox Game Passchanged the way players earn points and upset many users. Xbox launched Xbox Game Pass subscriptions in 2017, and missions have become a key part of the service. With missions for gamers to complete by playing games available through Xbox Game Pass, users can both challenge their skills and have the opportunity to earn rewards, including credits. that they can put toward other Xbox purchases.


With tons of games available for free and rewards that can be earned, Xbox Game Pass offers subscribers a lot of value in 2023. This gives Xbox fans plenty of reasons to keep going. Stick with this service. However, in the first days of the new year, it seems that Microsoft has implemented some changes to the tasks and caused negative effects on user perception.

As first reported by PureXbox, it appears that a new update has removed certain Xbox Game Pass weekly missions. Specifically, missions that require players to complete challenges in specific games available on Game Pass have been removed, limiting the ways in which players can earn their full allotment of points each time. week. While it doesn’t reduce the total number of points that can be earned, this change makes it more difficult to reach maximum points, forcing players to log in more and causing frustration.​


This isn’t the first time Xbox Game Pass mission rewards have been cut. Last November, Microsoft did the same thing and angered many subscribers. On Reddit, some people say that maximizing points will now be very difficult, while others say that this is Microsoft’s attempt to save money by making it difficult for users to limit rewards. reward.


To be fair, this update does not change the total rewards and players can still earn them through different means. Xbox Game Pass also continues to offer access to a number of popular games. However, this change still causes discomfort and makes fans feel disappointed.​

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