Windows 11 was mistaken for a Hack Tool, making gamers angry

Windows 11 is a hot topic among technology lovers today, causing many users to sign up for the Insider program to be able to experience this promising operating system early. However, with the lessons of Windows 10 still present, the gaming community still feels skeptical about this operating system’s compatibility with games.


And as expected, the newly released Windows 11 has caused problems that have caused gamers to be falsely accused of being Hackers. Specifically, on the Reddit forum, many gamers have posted complaints that since using Windows 11 they have continuously been “banned” from games such as PUBG, Call of Duty: Warzone nice Rainbow Six Siege.

All of these games have one thing in common: they use the BattlEye anti-Hack/Cheat system. Some gamers speculate that because BattlEye cannot recognize the new operating system, it reacts like a regular Hack/Cheat tool. This causes gamers to be kicked out of the match or “soft banned” from their gaming account.


Anyway, Windows 11 is still very new and is still in the process of being completed before its official launch. Therefore, to feel more secure, gamers should wait until Microsoft officially offers Windows 11 to users.​

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