Why does One Piece Anime insist on not explaining the scar on Luffy’s face?

Why anime One Piece does not reveal the cause of his famous facial scar Monkey D. Luffy? Today’s article from Gamehub will explain this issue to readers.


Created by legendary mangaka Eiichiro Oda, One Piece has been “sailing” since 1997 and has not yet landed. More than 1,000 chapters and more than 980 episodes later, the franchise continues to grow strong as Monkey D.Luffy Set out to find the legendary treasure of Gol D. Roger as well as the mythical island. If you are a fan of One Piece, no matter what level you are, you know that our main character Luffy is an impulsive person, the type who wants to rush right into battle and throw his friends off cliffs. and poisoned himself just to prove a point,…

Therefore, it is not surprising if Luffy has a few wounds on his body, typically the large X-shaped scar on his chest caused by lava admiral Akainu in the battle of Marineford (Akainu threw a punch through Jinbei’s body and hit Luffy’s chest). But the scar that makes Luffy’s brand and has been with the character since the first days must definitely be the small curved cut below his eye.

Zoro was once misunderstood as the person who caused this scar, but it is actually a remnant left behind by Akainu.

The small scar on Luffy’s face appeared right from the first pages of the story. Manga readers probably still remember when Luffy tried to convince Red-Haired Shanks to allow him to join the pirate crew, the captain laughed at him. boy’s dream. To prove his steadfastness, Luffy took the knife and stabbed himself right under the eye, terrifying Shanks’ entire crew. Afterwards, the boy received two stitches, everyone drank, and not long after, the future “fifth Yonko” ate the Gomu-Gomu devil fruit.

However, episode 1 of the One Piece anime opens in the present day with Luffy rescuing Koby from evil pirates and encountering his first mate – Roronoa Zoro. Shanks’s flashback doesn’t begin until episode 4, but absolutely no details about Luffy’s horrific childhood self-stabbing are shown. And the question is why? Many fans reason that letting a child cut himself in the eye is an overly violent image that should not be shown in movies to avoid children from imitating it.


Japanese cartoons are famous for their more relaxed content than Western cartoons, with scenes of Sanji smoking cigarettes or bleeding profusely during fights still appearing in anime regularly. However, if the scene of a child stabbing himself in the eye takes place in episode 1 of an animated film that has a large young audience, sooner or later a lawsuit will take place. Therefore, to secure the trunk, the manufacturer has chosen safer steps.

Luckily, the One Piece anime made up for the “lost” footage. In 2012, a Luffy special was released to coincide with One Piece Film: Z, separate from the main anime which retold Luffy’s origin story, including the eye stabbing incident. This legendary childhood scene was included in the characters’ flashback scenes.

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