White Chord – Anime graphic RPG takes players to the world of White Chord to defeat Noise Monsters


White Chord is an Anime-style game from a Chinese indie studio, recently attracting the attention of the gaming community who love the game. RPG games on mobile. The story of White Chord revolves around the power of music, and how an enemy called the Noise Demon is breaking barriers into this colorful world of sound.

There will be 5 countries (or territories) in White Chord, but currently no content has been developed based on this element. The characters in the game also belong to 1 of 5 available positions on the battlefield and each character comes with 3 unique active skills. Before starting each new chapter of the story, players will team up and participate in different stages, with a choice of 1 of 3 buffs to be chosen after each stage. One thing to note is that players can only swap characters by restarting from the first stage – this is both an obstacle and a tactical element of the game.

White Chord has a skill card-based battle system, quite similar to Hearthstone or even Clash Royale, where cards are “cast” based on quantities of resources called Keys. However, there will be no deck building or combo system in White Chord.

In addition, White Chord also comes with the usual gacha system (although only 5x at the maximum level), character upgrade features and structures, which most mobile gamers already know by heart. Overall, White Chord impresses with its remarkable quality despite coming from an independent studio during a time when most Chinese developers only make imitation games based on Japanese anime franchises.

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