While playing games and refusing to wash the dishes, a young man was confronted by his wife who smashed his computer

On the Internet today, there is no shortage of bad and funny stories related to the gamer, from being so busy playing that you forget to pick up your child or being in the middle of a game and not bothering to take your wife to give birth,… There are also stories that inspire viewers, but situations that cause intense controversy are not. little. Recently, a short clip was circulating on social networks recording the moment a young couple got angry and smashed bowls and chopsticks, also related to the crime. Game.


Specifically, in videos posted by associations and groups; The young wife brought the tray of rice and asked her husband, who was sitting at the computer, to wash the dishes, but he flatly refused because he was busy playing games. Perhaps because this was not the first time the husband had “shirked” work, the wife was very upset and immediately threw away the entire tray, the bowls and chopsticks fell to pieces, causing a mess. Not stopping, the husband continued to challenge the young wife, causing her to smash her husband’s computer.

Below the video, it is not difficult to see that the online community is divided into two distinct camps. One side (mostly women) agrees with the wife and scolds the husband for being too playful, lazy, making his wife tired, “it must have happened many times for her to be like that”…

The women sympathize with the wife in the video.

On the other hand, he disagrees with his wife because her voice and way of asking for help from her husband is too “sour lemon”. Even though we know that modern married life is much more equal, and the way couples talk and address each other is also more comfortable, many people cannot accept the way the wife talks, thinking that this is a part of the reason why the husband refuses to wash the dishes.

Many people are not satisfied with the way the young wife talks to her husband.

In addition to the debates divided between defending the husband or wife, many neutral netizens believe that this is the fault of both, when the wife yells at her husband while the husband is engrossed in playing games. without helping with housework. The solution that the online community offers is that both of them should talk slowly. The wife gently says “Dear, please wash the dishes for me”, then surely the husband has already stood up to wash, but if he is in the middle of the game, then Just reply “Wait a minute, I’ll clean up after this match” and no such scandal will happen.

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