When asked “don’t work at my husband’s house”, Xoai Non responded, causing people to clap loudly.

Everything big and small revolves around the life of the hot girl with Western beauty – Xoai Non always becomes the topic of discussion for a large number of people. antifan Since she announced her relationship with streamer richest in Vietnam, Xemesis and after entering a wealthy family’s house.

Recently in the Q&A section on her personal Instagram story, Xoai Non was once again bothered by a crowd of jealous people and she still responded frankly as always. For example, someone complained about Xoai Non because her accent was not standard, “Please stop imitating the northern accent, it’s very disgusting”, the hotgirl immediately replied sharply:


Also in this question and answer section, Xoai Non was flooded with people’s opinions when she “didn’t work, just stayed at her husband’s house to raise her”. However, the hot girl only responded gently but no less bitterly: “That’s right. My answers with links are for fun, advertising is for fun,… I’m sorry for not informing you when I went to work.”​


Perhaps too familiar with antifans’ generosity and gossip, Xoai Non also shows a lot of experience in dealing with these cases. No longer losing her temper and “arguing hand to hand” like before, Xoai Non gently responded, and at the same time posted on social networks unflattering questions as if to cleverly warn the jealous people.

Before becoming the daughter-in-law of a rich family, Xoai Non was a famous model with a high salary. She is completely financially independent and takes care of herself and her family.

Young couple Xoai Non – Xemesis.

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