When asked about the statement of charity money, Do Mixi responded frankly, making the brothers admire and applaud loudly.

Phrases related to “charity“, “statement” or “transparency” are the hottest keywords recently. Stories of famous artists calling for donations for charity but not being transparent in the amount of money collected and disbursed are making people everywhere Discussing whether or not these people are taking advantage of their reputation to steal charity money? While waiting for the authorities to get involved, a series of famous names in the entertainment industry have been called out. Most surprising, Chief Mixi Degree Also got called recently.

Not only famous for being a professional streamer and loved by many netizens, Chief Do Mixi is also known for being very diligent in volunteer activities in the name of the entire MixiGaming Tribe. Recently, he also called on people to donate on stream to help build bridges, build schools in the highlands or support flood victims in the Central region.

Do Mixi is also known as an active volunteer.

Specifically, during the stream on the night of September 6, 2021, the Patriarch frankly mentioned that in many secret groups there were doubts about his lack of transparency, especially regarding the 1.2 billion VND he had paid. Supporting the floods in the Central region through the female singer Thuy Tien (couple Cong Vinh – Thuy Tien is the name that netizens ask for statements the most, besides Mr. Dam). Faced with these doubts, he frankly responded to “green nine”:

Today, the Patriarch also publicly posted a video on his Youtube channel, cut from last night’s stream. In it, he carefully answered all netizens’ questions related to the time he charity built a school in the highlands for children.

Hopefully these questions from netizens will not affect the charity support tradition of “national streamer” Do Mixi and his Tribe. What is valuable is that every time he does good work, he uses the name “MixiGaming Tribe” and not under his personal name.

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