What’s revealed in the first GTA 6 trailer?

This morning (December 5), publisher Rockstar Games has officially announced the first trailer of GTA 6 – a game that is loved by fans Grand Theft Auto been waiting for all this time. It’s been 10 years since GTA5, Rockstar Games has revealed information about a main sequel to the series. Let’s find out with GameHub what’s included in this first trailer!

Setting and main characters

GTA 6 will bring players back to Vice City – the virtual city that Rockstar built. It is described as a coastal tourist city in the state of Florida (USA). This is a setting that is no longer unfamiliar to fans of the series and was last seen in GTA: Vice City Stories in 2006.

The trailer opens with the appearance of one of the two main characters of the game – Lucia, in prison clothes. It looked like Lucia was participating in a question-and-answer session to get paroled. This is also the first female protagonist in GTA’s open world. The original game released in 1997 had four female characters, but they couldn’t talk or have clear personalities.


Lucia’s accomplice is an unnamed man, but according to previous leaks, the male protagonist’s name is James. It can be affirmed that besides being partners, the two also have a romantic relationship, which reminds many people of Bonnie and Clyde – a notorious American criminal couple in the 20th century. The two went together. together in robberies and murders while traveling across America.

Chaos returned to the city

As can be seen from the trailer, Vice is a beautiful coastal city with a long, sunny and windy white sand beach. However, behind that peaceful appearance is chaos that is difficult to control, from debauchery to car racing, traffic accidents, robberies…


Besides, short Tiktok-style videos with content about illegal games related to crocodiles, flamingos, strip clubs and rooftop parties… further emphasize this aspect. dark of the city. It seems that social networks and trends surrounding it will also be a topic that will be explored more deeply in GTA 6.

Release time

Not to let players continue to speculate for too long, at the end of the trailer, Rockstar Games said that the game will launch in 2025 on consoles. However, the specific time has not yet been disclosed.

It is known that Rockstar was forced to post the GTA 6 trailer 13 hours earlier than scheduled after it was leaked on X (Twitter) with a call to buy Bitcoin. Previously, Rockstar became a victim of a hack, causing 90 minutes of the game to be leaked, unverified clips also appeared on TikTok through an account claiming to be the son of a Rockstar employee. .​

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