Warframe: New War – Explode with the new expansion of the blockbuster MMO


Last weekend, developer Digital Extremes revealed expanded version The New War belong to Warframe in TennoCon 2021. This is the first expansion focused on next-gen consoles and is confirmed for release this year. Additionally, fans will get to experience some of their favorite characters for the first time in the main story mission.

Warframe: The New War was “teased” from TennoCon 2018 with a beautiful movie-like trailer built from the Old War series. In the new storyline, the Cetus fortress and the Corpus fleet are in ruins after an attack by the Sentients. The player is tasked with defeating this force.

In addition to the above exciting content, Digital Extremes confirmed that Corpus Engineer Veso, Grineer Soldier Kahl-175, and Conclave Master Teshin are playable characters in the story mission of The New War.

In addition to new story content, the developer also confirmed many technical upgrades such as updated graphics coming with the PS5 / Xbox Series X release. Warframe will also add the ability to save gameplay across all across platforms when The New War launches – including mobile. “The player community is extremely important to us,” confirmed CEO Sheldon Carter. Opening up cross-platform play and saves is just one of many improvements we’re making to build a better community.”


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