Wakerunners – New MOBA game from developer Dave the Diver


Father Dave the Diver, MintRocket has revealed his next game, one PVP competitive arena according to the team named Wakerunners. The studio’s first project, released in mid-2023, is an adventure game with eerie pixel graphics. The engaging gameplay loop attracted players to Dave the Diver, turning the game into an unexpected success that surprised even the developer.

After that, MintRocket seems to have moved on to two new projects and both are different from Dive the Diver. The trailer of one of the new projects, recently released, showcases the gameplay in the team PVP arena with top-down perspective. Set in a dystopian sci-fi world, Wakerunners is quite different from what Dave the Diver fans expect, as the game was made by a different team at MintRocket. Readers can experience the Wakerunners demo during the event Steam Next Fest takes place in early February.

Demo will bring seven characters and five game modes. The number of players in each team will be 4 or 5, depending on the game mode, and matches can last about 10 minutes. Although Wakerunners is a team fighting game, the developer said the game does not emphasize cooperation between players but will focus more on demonstrating character control skills. Players will be able to change characters on the fly, adjusting to suit their opponents. The game will also sell skins and fashion items in the store or through the Battle Pass.

Developer MintRocket seems to be trying its hand at many different genres. The studio’s second project is a survival shooting game called Nakwon: Lost Paradise. Set in the zombie world, third-person PvPvE gameplay in teams of 16 players will allow gamers to compete with other survivors for resources while also fighting the undead. Players need to rely on stealth play and melee weapons such as planks and bricks to fight.


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