Waiting for the release date – Introducing the terrible sects in Dai Hiep Run Away

Great Knight Run Away is a game that will bring a super-realistic role-playing feeling with thousands of monsters and BOSS surrounding each screen, so the game requires players to be very focused and skillful to overcome dangers. Besides, the super funny chibi graphics are suitable for both men and women and the novel Roguelike gameplay will attract gamers. The product is also considered a game with a martial arts storyline Kim Dung especially when combined with the highly anticipated Roguelike genre this year.


Dai Hiep Run Away has the bold colors of Kim Dung, clearly showing a chaotic martial arts world with a system of tasks and achievements, intuitive controls that closely follow the plot, easily leading players to immerse themselves. into the fight.


The game also allows you to freely choose the great sects you want to pursue such as Dao Hoa, Cai Bang, Nga My, Hoa Son. Here, players will master Martial Arts and be promoted to discipleship in the sect. The most special feature of the sect in Dai Hiep Run Away is probably the freedom to join. You can leave your current sect to switch to another sect after you have acquired the skills. This gives the player flexibility and at the same time adds strength to the character when the player acquires additional skills from different sects.


Located on Tao Hoa Island in the East Sea, Tao Hoa is a sect consisting only of talented people. When Dai Hiep joined the Dao Hoa Sect, he was able to master excellent martial arts, along with the sect master Hoang Y Tien, who was called Dong Ta by the people in the jianghu, his martial arts were profound and profound.



Cai Bang in the story Kim Dung is a guild of beggars, founded around the beginning of the Tang Dynasty. Dai Hiep joining the Cai Bang sect will master great martial arts with the sect master Kieu Khieu Thien, known in the jianghu as Bac Cai, knowledgeable in martial arts, profound martial arts with the great skill of Dog Fighting…


Nga MI sect

Emei is a Chinese martial arts sect born in Emei Mountain and widely spread in Sichuan. Nga Mi sect is a sect founded by women. After joining the Nga Mi sect, Dai Hiep will master excellent martial arts skills and with the sect master Quach Tuong, he is considered the childhood friend of Duong Qua. She once had a competition with Vo Sac Zen Master with the “female sword” techniques Lac Anh sword technique and Ngoc female sword technique.


HOA SON sect

The Huashan sect has its headquarters located in the Huashan range of Shaanxi province. The origin of this sect is not clearly stated. Most likely it came from one of the seven disciples of the Toan Chan sect, Quang Ninh son Hach Dai Thong.

The Hoa Son sect has two competing schools: the sword sect, which focuses on swordsmanship techniques, and the air sect, which focuses on internal training. These two factions had extreme conflicts in the past and bloody killings led to the destruction of talented people of the Hoa Son faction.

Hoa Son’s swordsmanship has both General Bui’s “Sword dance and weak power, depending on the wind and release” as well as the profound essence of Hoa Son, every move is “Win in the right way, win in the middle of danger” .


Not stopping there, Dai Hiep Run Away also has many other sects in the Vo Lam world for players to experience as disciples. Once you join a new sect, you will retain all the mind dharma, exercises, and great learning that you have mastered from the previous sect. When the player has understood everything, he can use Kim Thien to level up martial arts and increase attributes: HP, attack, defense… Maximum 20 levels.


The Great Knight Runs Away has an engaging storyline with unique Roguelike gameplay and diverse sects. Besides, the game also allows players to master the techniques of all sects, experience the feeling of dominating the martial arts with boundless power. In addition, NPH MGOL also offers many attractive events such as making appointments in advance to have a chance to win a very HOT Iphone 15. Therefore, gamers should follow the official Fanpage of Dai Hiep Run Away to know the latest information and unlock more rich rewards!​

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