VTC announces the roadmap for Battle Teams 2 Tournament in 2024 – Total prizes up to nearly 2 billion VND

Attending the Press Conference were important guests: representatives of VTC NPH, representatives of the Vietnam Electronic Sports Entertainment Association. VIRESANational commentator Vu Quang Huy, “AOE” prodigy Sunbird, famous streamer RIP 113… Special mention must be made of the appearance of nearly 100 guests who are typical representatives from the competition teams. tournaments, alliances, corps, student e-Sports clubs… across the country were present together in the important event of Battle Teams 2.

Press conference announcing Battle Teams 2’s March 14, 2024 Tournament roadmap

With the year 2023 being considered a success with only 6 months of launch, Battle Teams 2 has organized dozens of tournaments with many different scales and prizes, the level of professionalism is also gradually increasing, the roadmap for tournaments is increasing. Battle 2024 is what the community is extremely looking forward to from NPH VTC and the Battle Teams 2 product.

At the Press Conference on March 14, important information about the tournaments was revealed in detail for the first time. Kicking off the 2024 roadmap will be the Battle Teams 2 Open Cup International tournament (taking place this March), with competition from 16 teams from Vietnam, China, Russia and the Philippines. In April 2024, students will be extremely excited about the National Campus tournament for teams from colleges and universities across the country; Cyber ​​Battle prize for Gaming Centers and Cyber ​​Games nationwide; professional level VPL tournament, and international tournament competing with other regions such as China, Russia, Türkiye, Southeast Asia… etc.

The press conference attracted a large number of guests

These are playgrounds not to be missed for players who wish to pursue a professional path and assert themselves, as well as bring glory to the team. In particular, with a total prize of nearly 2 billion VND, Battle Teams 2 tournaments will certainly attract thousands of participating players and the following of millions of fans.

Mr. Luong Phung Hung, Head of Battle Teams 2 said: “With the successes achieved, Battle Teams 2 will grow even stronger in the near future. The tournament system throughout 2024 will definitely be an extremely dramatic playground for testing and competition, training players and making Battle Teams 2 Vietnam the top in the world.”

Mr. Luong Phung Hung announced the 2024 Tournament roadmap of Battle Teams 2

As a sports commentator who is loved by many people and has been present at many eSports tournaments, Mr. Quang Huy shared: “I believe that Battle Teams 2 will continue the tradition of NPH VTC, we will create an attractive tournament system to recruit many international players. And the Vietnamese gaming industry has once again taken off in foreign arenas.”

Let’s see some other images at the Battle Teams 2 Press Conference event:

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