Vo Lam 102: Preparing for the decisive “battle”.

Putting aside the excitement, regret and joy of the previous round, Vo Lam 102 is currently eagerly preparing to enter the 3rd round of competition. The organizers are still checking and confirming contestant information. The list of 40 official faces participating in Round 3 will officially “finalize” on September 16. And the contestants are probably also gradually coming up with ideas and preparing exams for the upcoming round.


It is known that this third round of competition will be divided into 2 stages:​

  • Phase 1 lasts from September 13 to September 18: The talent arena has appeared. Instead of images like the previous two rounds, 40 contestants will compete with “Talent 102” videos. This Phase 1 score will be calculated based on 3 criteria: Heart 102, votes (Like + Comments) from the audience on the contestant’s entry on the Fanpage and voting scores from the Jury.
  • Phase 2 takes place from September 22 to September 27: Top 10 excellent faces from Phase 1 will step onto the final stage together to find the Champion. And it was also the time to decide to award 16 consolation prizes to other excellent contestants. The detailed rules of this stage will be announced by the Organizing Committee later.

Note that: The Organizing Committee has the right to cancel the eligibility to participate in the exam and give it to another contestant in the following 2 cases:​

– Candidates do not submit video clips before 24:00 on September 15, 2021.
– Candidates cannot be contacted after 1 week from the determination of Round 2 results.

Round 3 is the next stage to choose the final Champion of Vo Lam 102.

Although the organizers have not yet announced the results, looking at the candidates’ achievements after Round 2 ended, the audience can more or less guess the “strongest” faces in the North-Central-North regions. South of Martial Arts Legend Mobile and Martial Arts Legend 1 Mobile will move on. These are all famous names, receiving enthusiastic support from a large number of gamers; At the same time, they are also strong candidates for the prestigious Champion position of the contest.

The best contestants come from the North, Central and South regions after “voting” Round 2.

Drama, quality and surprise are what the audience immediately thinks of when imagining Vo Lam 102. Looking at the position on the Vo Lam 102 rankings in the last days of both Rounds 1 and 2 recently, followers Watching has witnessed many fierce competitions with the number of votes changing rapidly. This is the key to helping contestants make a spectacular breakthrough; directly change their positions and achievements. It’s no exaggeration to say that this is a tense battle until the last minute. Before voting closes, no one can predict the outcome.

Audience votes are an important factor in helping contestants make a breakthrough at the last minute.

Vo Lam 102 – a playground of talent and beauty for gamers Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile and Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile – closed Round 2 on the evening of September 8. After 6 days of intense competition, the organizers selected 40 bright faces (from 2,888 contestants) to enter the next round. All are preparing strategies to speed up the race to become the Champion of Vo Lam 102.

Besides the race track of potential contestants, don’t forget that Vo Lam 102 also has its own Ranking Table for the audience. The more votes and the higher the position, the more opportunities the audience will have to win many attractive in-game and out-game gifts. How prepared is everyone? Let’s count down and wait for the opening day of Round 3 of Vo Lam 102 on September 13!

Find out detailed information about Vo Lam 102 at: https://volam102.zing.vn/

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