Video of real-life players recreating Captain Tsubasa’s “punch shooting” moves suddenly becomes hot after 7 years


In the midst of the scorching summer heat, Euro 2020 (postponed a year due to Covid19) is an event. football “cool” and attractive to millions of sports fans around the planet, including Vietnam. Entering the month of “eat football, sleep football”, news about top matches or side information about the king sport always attracts the special attention of football lovers.

Recently on social media sites and especially Facebook, many football news sites and sports-loving groups have continuously shared videos of Japanese players recreating Captain Tsubasa’s amazing shots in the series. manga of the same name. These are highly difficult, if not “impossible” shots. It’s worth noting that these videos have been around since 2014, but even now, after 7 years have passed, they are still causing a stir among football fans and fans of this childhood manga.


Captain Tsubasa or Tsubasa – Turf Dream is a manga series about the king sport written by author Takahashi Yoichi and first published by Shueisha in 1981. The main character of the series is a Japanese soccer prodigy boy. The version is called Oozora Tsubasa. After years of hard training and going through difficult challenges, Tsubasa became the captain of the youth team and then the Japan National Football Team. Manga series Tsubasa Dream Turf was first printed in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1981 to 1988, then printed into 37 volumes and distributed widely to fans. After its release, the series was warmly received by readers of all generations and created a fever for manga and anime works with football themes.

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