Valve will officially stop supporting CS:GO on January 1 next year

Released in 2012, CS:GO quickly grew into a huge brand, becoming the most played game on the market Steam and it’s a game Esports leading in the world today. However, after decades, this game has become somewhat old, players are starting to expect a new sequel, or at least an “overhaul” for CS:GO.

In September 2023, after much prediction, CS2 has been released – this is a major revision of CS:GO on the Source engine. And this game can completely replace its predecessor. So it’s not too surprising that recently, Valve announced that it will stop supporting CS:GO from January 1, 2024. Before that date, players can still experience this old version via CS:GO Legacy Version, available in the “betas” menu of CS2.

Valve explains:

This means that the Legacy Version option will still exist, but when it is no longer taken care of, it may encounter many errors, seriously affecting the player’s experience. And now, because the server is no longer active, gamers who want to enjoy the last days with this 11-year-old game will have to fight bots.

Besides, CS2 and Valve’s future content development plans for this game are the focus of attention of the fan community. Although the number of players for this IP has decreased, the community still hopes that upcoming updates will bring glory back to Counter-Strike.​

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