Top best Made in Japan Role-playing games in the virtual world (Part 1)

Firstly, JRPG is a very different genre from role-playing games (RPG) The West. Although some tactical role-playing games use many elements from JRPGs, the way JRPG battles are presented still has many unique features. A typical example is that for turn-based combat with a limited number of characters, modern JRPGs will experiment with realistic movements, while RPG games are quite rigid with gameplay similar to chess. Additionally, JPRGs allow players to alternate characters.

JRPGs have evolved a lot since the early games like Dragon Quest Final Fantasy. From open world adventures to more quality turn-based battles. Some games have abandoned fantasy elements to build a more realistic setting, while others focus on developing the fantasy world in more detail.​

Genshin Impact

This is probably the PC game that has the most similarities with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Players are free to explore a large open world, challenge their skills in many mysterious scenes and complete missions. After only nearly 10 months of release, Genshin Impact’s scale has grown spectacularly. In addition to new characters and weapons, each update brings new content such as a housing system and many interesting missions.


Mihoyo said they have many future plans for Genshin Impact. This free game uses a gacha system to unlock new characters, so F2P players need to use primeval stones appropriately​

PERSONA 4 Golden

This PS2 era RPG has many die-hard fans thanks to its creepy factor compared to most JRPGs of the era. The character moves to a small rural town just as a string of murders begins, all of whose bodies are found near mysterious telephone poles. Compared to other Persona games, Persona 4 Golden isn’t quite as bleak, but has quite adult themes and explores the characters in a novel and relatively mature approach.


By interacting with friends outside of the dungeon, players can build character relationships and gain support rewards both in and out of battle. Persona 4 Golden’s turn-based combat system seems quite simple as enemies often follow the character’s weaknesses. Players can also recruit new demons to aid their protagonist in battle.​


With what could be considered the worst possible start for a groom about to get married, Final Fantasy XV turns into an action adventure with a unique combat system. Players will take on the role of Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum of the kingdom of Lucis and use special abilities to stop enemies and trusted allies Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto. During battle, players can also control the above characters by performing certain actions or using Tech Bars to command them.


FFXV is definitely the best-looking Final Fantasy game on PC. The journey will bring exciting experiences from driving a modern Regalia to explore the world of FFXV, racing Chocobos on the grasslands, enjoying Ignis’ cooking skills to completing many complex side missions. This is an adventure with many unforgettable memories.​

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