Top 5 popular anime similar to Solo Leveling you should not miss

Adapted from the manhwa of the same name, Solo Leveling by A-1 Pictures takes viewers on the journey of changing the fate and rewriting the life of young Sung Jinwoo. Besides the fascinating plot, the film also made a strong impression on the audience with its eye-catching action battle scenes.

But unfortunately, the movie is only up to episode 7, so fans will probably have to wait quite a while to see the entire first part of the movie. In the meantime, check out these Anime There are similar topics that we list below!

My Hero Academia


My Hero Academia is set in a world where 80% of people possess some kind of power, and those who are lucky can even become trained and become Heroes – a respected and desirable career. . Midoriya Izuku – the main character of the series, has always cherished the desire to become a Hero since childhood but sadly, he belongs to the remaining 20% ​​of normal people. Regardless, Izuku never stopped pursuing his dream and was helped by Japan’s No. 1 Hero at the time, All Might.

All Might chose Izuku as his heir and passed on his One For All power to him, giving him the right to stand at the starting line of the race to become a Hero. But things are not simple when the most terrifying villain of the series, All For One, returns, pushing Japan into a period of chaos.

Currently, My Hero Academia has released 6 TV series and 3 movies, enough for you to enjoy watching while waiting for Solo Leveling to finish airing.

Hunter x Hunter


Hunter x Hunter is considered one of the best shonen anime series today. The series brings players an exciting fantasy universe and action-packed scenes like Solo Leveling. In addition, the main characters of both anime are Hunters and constantly face awkward situations to assert themselves.

Hunter x Hunter revolves around the boy Gon Freecss and his long journey to find his father who abandoned him right when he was just a toddler. During the trip, he encountered terrifying enemies, causing him to completely change.



Mash Burnedead had an unhappy life when he was born in a place filled with magic but possessed no power himself, as a result, he and his adoptive father had to live a life completely separate from everyone. After an incident, Mash is forced to enroll in the famous Easton Magic Academy to compete for the title of “Visionary”. This is definitely not a simple thing, especially for someone without magic like Mash, because his opponents are all talented magicians.

Chainsaw Man


For anime lovers, Chainsaw Man is certainly no longer a strange name. Coming to this dark fantasy anime, players will enter a world filled with the presence of Demons – entities born from human fear. The male lead Denji is a poor boy who has no education and also has to bear a huge debt left by his father. This forced him to become a demon hunter to make a living.

It can be seen that there are many similarities between Denji and Sung Jinwoo; Both had financial problems and lived a life full of hardships before tragedy struck and changed their lives completely. Additionally, both Chainsaw Man and Solo Leveling delve into the dark side of human nature, pushing them into a cruel world where life can slip out of reach at any time.

KonoSuba: Bless This Wonderful World!


The main character of KonoSuba is Satou Kazuma – a male high school student, a genuine NEET and Otaku. While shopping, Satou had an accident and died, but he was reincarnated in a fantasy land. Here, Satou teams up with a few other friends to carry out a seemingly completely impossible mission – defeating the Demon King.

Unlike Solo Leveling, KonoSuba possesses a quite bright and fun atmosphere, promising to be a suitable choice for audiences to change their taste after enjoying dark works that are somewhat “heavy”. The third and newest part of the KonoSuba series is expected to be released this March.

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