Top 10 Japanese horror games that try to rip gamers’ hearts out

From movies, anime, manga to games, Japan can be said to be the king of the horror genre. Japanese horror is often inspired by folk legends, urban myths, religious beliefs, plus the creativity of developers. Not only do they simply scare players, the games that GameHub wants to introduce to readers also have quite deep and meaningful storylines.



Just released last year, Hanako is the story of three female students who discover a school mystery after class. Hanako is the name of a ghost in Japanese folk legend. Legend has it that Hanako was a girl with short hair, pale skin, wearing a red dress. She died when she got stuck in the toilet and became a ghost haunting the place. If Hanako is encountered, the victim will not be able to open the door or, more unlucky, will be dragged down the toilet and taken to hell.

After hearing rumors about Hanako, three female students plan to curse a classmate. However, everything is completely reversed when they realize that they are the ones under the curse. To survive, all three must unite together to find a way out of school and return home. Playing as one of three female students, you are tasked with solving puzzles, exploring the environment and finding your two friends. Be sure to check every room carefully because one mistake can lead to ruin.

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games


In Zero Escape: The Nonary Games, you find yourself locked in a room with a mysterious number painted on the door. On the wrist is a bracelet, it looks like a watch but you can’t take it off. Finally, you discover there are many people just like you, from different rooms. The clock starts ticking while you’re trying to find a way out. To complete the game, players must go through a series of missions and harsh challenges. Each choice made will affect how the story plays out and the other characters. Zero Escape is not a title horror game Traditional style with jumpscares or haunting monsters. Above all, the game is like a psychological horror movie that delves deep into the morality and dark corners of each person’s soul to see how terrible things people can do to survive when they fall into a dead end. in.

Mad Father


Mad Father is the story of a young girl who wakes up to a real nightmare in her own home. Awakened by a horrifying scream, Aya quickly discovers that her beloved home is now filled with zombies, ghosts and terrifying creatures. Suppressing her fear, Aya must search for the truth as well as her father’s mysterious disappearance. She found his laboratory in the basement, but ironically, her father was actually a great scientist but had mental problems and was full of violence. Mad Father makes players’ hearts jump with many haunting jumpscares. The game is a perfect combination of horror, puzzle, storytelling and psychological elements.

The Witch’s House MV


The Witch’s House is an indie game about a young girl named Viola. When she woke up, she discovered a strange-looking mansion. Curious, Viola went inside and got stuck inside. The owner of the house is a witch and the place is bewitched. Viola must find a way out or accept death. When exploring the house, players can’t help but sweat because of the scary jumpscares and extremely complicated puzzles. Countless traps appear in most levels, including life and death options, so be careful.

Yomawari: Midnight Shadows


After a night of beautiful fireworks and a wonderful festival, two girls, Yui and Haru, were on their way home when a stranger attacked them, causing them to lose each other. With only a flashlight to guide them, Yui and Haru must face and overcome countless terrifying entities in the dark to find each other and return home safely. Players will alternate roles as two characters to make decisions that determine both of their fates. The game does not provide weapons, instead, the way of thinking and handling problems is the key to the development of the story. However, this is also the highlight that makes Yomawari: Midnight Shadows even scarier, imagine, in the dark night, enemies suddenly appear and you don’t have anything to fight against. On the contrary, it is indeed extremely thrilling and thrilling.

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