This is the most daring game developer in the world, going into radioactive areas to get documents

Chernobylite is the title role-playing game The Farm 51’s 2019 early access launch, set in a nuclear disaster Chernobyl. Gamers will play the role of a physicist who formerly worked at the Chernobyl nuclear plant – who lost relatives in the disaster 30 years ago.

In the recently released development diary, the developer also revealed to players many interesting details related to the game. Creative director Wojciech Pazdur said the inspiration for Chernobylite’s survival mechanism came from the development team’s field research trips to the Exclusion Zone. from the heart of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor). They found many electronic components scattered around this area, which were then incorporated into the game.


Entering an area where radioactivity is likely to exist like this is extremely dangerous, but it also partly shows the dedication of the development team to the game… Chernobylite is currently in access state Soon, the full version of the game will be available on Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store on July 28.

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