Things to avoid when playing Solo Leveling Arise

Solo Leveling Arise Although it is only available as a limited Soft Launch version, it already has a strong global gaming community. Surely many readers have had the opportunity to put their hands on the game thanks to the tutorial Download the game Solo Leveling Arise soon on GameHub, ready to join Sung Jinwoo on his journey to find strength.

However, partly because the game has not been officially released yet, partly because gamers are still discovering the content, they cannot help but make mistakes in the character development process. Indeed, Solo Leveling Arise is still a good game compared to the general level from Combat mechanism to graphics, but we still have to understand that this is a “Free To Play” product. Therefore, the mechanisms or systems that stimulate investing real money in games are still there, so making wise choices to avoid losing money unfairly is something gamers must keep in mind.

To help readers avoid making wrong choices and avoid wasting time, GameHub would like to have the following Solo Leveling Arise tutorial.

Focus on the main squad

Solo Leveling Arise has Gacha elements throughout the gameplay, integrated through the Hunter system that can accompany Jinwoo. That’s why you can unlock many characters at countless different levels and Skill sets. Therefore, when you have a new character in hand, you will definitely have the urge to develop them a bit to experience, and then decide whether to follow this character further.

However, if you are a pure Free To Play player, that is, you do not invest real money, then you need to remember that Gold units (virtual currency) are used in 99% of activities in the game. From enhancing weapons, skills, to characters… Therefore, if you want to experience every character and invest Gold in development, you will definitely always find yourself running out of Gold.


Therefore, choose the main squad and focus on investing in this squad from the beginning. If you already have a few SSR level characters, focus on investing, don’t care about SR or lower levels even though you may find that character “cool” because they appear in Anime or Manhwa.

Weapons also need to be considered

Similar to the character system, the weapon system also works in the same way. Some medium-level weapons are worth using if leveled high enough, but at the same time require you to invest a lot of Gold to level up. Therefore, focus on high-level weapons and invest in them from the beginning to save resources.

Most importantly, stay calm. If you haven’t unlocked any high-level weapons or characters yet, don’t rush in and throw Gold out the window with mid-level stuff. Surely soon the game will let you own high-level weapons and characters and then it’s time for you to splurge.


Play the Extra Chapter as soon as possible

Solo Leveling Arise shows the plot elements quite well when there are scenes shown by comic book images integrated into the 3D movies of the game. Above all, the length of the plot is expressed through each Chapter and branched into a number of sub-Chapters. However, it is worth mentioning that the sub-Chapters often branch into many different missions, giving gamers a fairly abundant amount of Gold and EXP.

Therefore, gamers should try to complete these secondary Chapters when they first appear, instead of continuing with the next main Chapter. The main reason is because from Chapter 6, gamers will be required to reach a certain Level to continue. So instead of just going to the main Chapter and going back to the secondary Chapter when you don’t have enough conditions to continue, do them early so you have a basic “wallet” to calculate character development more comfortably.


Close the Gate and Exploit

In the world of Solo Leveling, closing Gates is the most important task of Hunters and with the game version, it is a mechanism you cannot ignore. Completing the Gate and getting a reward is one thing, the game also integrates the Mining mechanism. There you can send Teams to exploit and the higher the Level of this group, the more Bonuses you will have, for example increasing the percentage of Gold obtained. This is a system that you must start as soon as it is opened because it will become a stable source of income in Gold in the future. Don’t consider it a side activity that’s easy to neglect during the first time you get acquainted with Solo Leveling Arise.


Hopefully with some of these notes and experiences, readers can have an experience playing Solo Leveling Arise. GameHub will continue to update Solo Leveling Arise tutorials in the near future.​

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