The Vietnamese player recruited by DRX suddenly lost his account due to difficult reasons

If you are a fan of the game League of Legends and regularly monitor sideline information around the arena Esports of this game, you probably know, recently there have been 2 Vietnamese players DRX recruited to the Challengers team. That in turn is LazyFeel and Chika.

Among them, LazyFeel attracted the attention of the international League of Legends fan community thanks to climbing to the Top 1 Korean Challenger. This is quite a remarkable achievement, especially for a Vietnamese player like LazyFeel, because the Korean server is often a gathering place for many good players with quality matches. Meanwhile, Chika is still continuing to strive to reach the Grand Master level on this server.

But recently, Chika suddenly “disappeared” on all fronts, no one saw this young player appear in any matches anymore. This cannot help but make many people wonder what happened to Chika.

Chika’s account was banned for using skin mods

Everything was only answered after the revelation of commentator Ling Cao Thu. Accordingly, Chika suffered Riot Games Account banned for… using skin mods. Although this does not have a big impact on the game or the experience of other players, with Riot Games’ strictness, it is not difficult to understand why his account was “thrown away”.​

Chika has created a new account and is currently at Master rank

It is known that Chika has now created a new account with the name “Chovy Ca Mau #2006” and has “tried hard” to reach Master rank again. Hopefully Chika has learned from this incident and will not encounter similar unfortunate incidents in the future.

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