The “universally infatuated” goddess of Chinese League of Legends officially got married

Last night, Yushuang (Du Suong) – the beautiful female MC of Chinese League of Legends, shared sparkling photos of her wedding on Weibo. With her popularity, information about the gaming goddess’s wedding immediately appeared on hotsearch in the country of billions of people.

Certainly for the fans League of Legends, Yushuang is no longer a strange name. Among LPL’s large MC lineup, Yushuang impressed the whole community Chinese gamers and Vietnam with beautiful appearance as well as average knowledge about the game League of Legends.

Yushuang and her boyfriend

Her boyfriend is Quan Trach Nguyen, also known as Teddy – an LPL commentator. The two are considered the most famous couple in the village Esports China. The two announced their relationship in 2017, but about 3 years later, the couple that made many people jealous announced they were going their separate ways. At that time, many fans couldn’t help but feel surprised and regretful for this beautiful love story.

Luckily, “people in love” will eventually get back together. Yushuang and her boyfriend got back together in 2021. In this year’s LPL Spring Finals, the talented commentator officially proposed to his girlfriend.

Wishing the couple much happiness in their future lives. Now let’s admire the beautiful photos from this wedding with GameHub:

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