The truth about Sukuna’s identity – the most evil person in Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu KaisenWar Return Spellhas officially closed part 2 of the series Anime and preparing to launch the game version this February. This is indeed quite a busy schedule for the World of Spells, especially after what can be considered an extremely stormy period of this world on both screen and comics. Of course, the root cause why the people of Jujutsu Kaisen have to mourn for countless of their beloved characters… is the man named Curse King, the man who was once considered the Demon God of Fantasy, the possessor of an unparalleled magic spell. Magic and villains are the most successful at the present time – Sukuna.

Sukuna – One who possesses unparalleled power in Jujutsu Kaisen

Extreme bloodlust, insane magical power, and above all, arrogance to the point of disregarding all living things… these are the characteristics that create the most cruel Sukuna. But that cruelty was completely well-founded when Sukuna appeared more than 1,000 years ago in the Heian period, a golden age that produced many famous magicians. During this period, Sukuna massacred countless spellcasters, defeated many powerful clans and armies, while still being arrogant as if he had just pressed a few ants under his feet.

In modern times, Sukuna is also a force that makes everyone afraid. Even though he only has the power of 15 fingers, fans can already see how terrible Sukuna’s destructive ability is when he blows up part of Shibuya. In the comics, we probably already know what Sukuna did with the magic spell that is considered the strongest in the modern world. Therefore, it is difficult to understand that Sukuna was defeated and sealed more than 1000 years ago.

The fans’ hearts were broken by what Sukuna had done to them Gojo

One of the definitive proofs of Sukuna’s power 1000 years ago is the event that happened with the Fujiwara family. In this era, the Fujiwara Family was one of the major powers with two units, the Sun Moon Star Team and the Five Void Generals, which were two extremely powerful forces with the task of protecting and executing according to the family’s orders. Takako Uro, an ancient magician with insane power who was revived in the Culling Games after the Shibuya incident, is the captain of the Sun Moon Star Team. But no matter how strong they were, these two units were still crushed by Sukuna despite being tasked with defending an entire clan. Not just 1-2 people, but a whole force, led by notorious ancient magicians, operating in a period also famous for the most brutal and unstable in history… Yet still were flicked away by Sukuna like useless pawns.

Not only that, the defeat of Sukuna until now has only appeared through the stories of organizations and families of spellcasters. This raises doubts for Jujutsu Kaisen fans about the credibility of this historical version. The Culling Games Arc seems to suggest even more about the above question when the person who stole Geto’s body, Kenjaku, made a contract with ancient cursers and magicians to have a chance to be resurrected in the new world.

Kenjaku was instrumental in bringing Sukuna back

With Kenjaku himself being the one who “possessed” Itadori’s mother and gave birth to him, he also played a significant role in bringing Sukuna back. Although it has not been officially confirmed, will the circumstances surrounding Kenjaku open up the mystery of whether Sukuna was really “defeated” in the past? Or is everything simply a game for him to return to earth, manipulate and play with the new world, and then be satisfied with the pure savagery and cruelty within?

The answer seems to still lie far ahead, in plans that only the “notorious” author Gege Akutami knows. Movies, comic books, game titles… will probably just be bread crumbs that fans can pick up in the dark curtain that Gege presents in the future.​

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