The summer game discount event is officially scheduled

Prepare your mind, console capacity and most importantly your wallet because of our summer super sale. Steam is about to start. Valve The next sale hasn’t been officially announced yet, but when it will happen Steam Summer Sale 2021 was leaked long ago via an email sent to the developers along with hints at some more special gimmicks for this year’s event.


This year’s Steam Summer Sale begins on Thursday, June 24 at 10 a.m. PDT (0 a.m. June 25, GMT+7). Users can hunt for sales right after the above time, but Steam often “hangs” in the first few minutes of the sale.


According to SteamDB, a mysterious set of trading cards related to the sale was discovered in Steam’s support program. Although there is currently no official information about this set of cards, according to previous discounts, users can choose a card after spending a certain amount of money during the sale. Trading cards are a way to decorate user profiles or earn money to buy games.​

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