The plot of “Black Sheep” – The game recreates the problem of school violence causing pain in society

The term “Black Sheep” comes from the short story “Black Sheep” by Italian writer Italo Calvino, the content revolves around a clean man who lives in a village where everyone is a thief. Here, people can always steal and be stolen, so the appearance of this “misfit” has disrupted the balance here, causing people’s lives to completely change. “Black Sheep” is therefore used to describe individuals who are different and go against the trend of the crowd.

The game “Black Sheep” explores a topic that is extremely painful in today’s society: School violence. In a typical “Black Sheep” effect story, we will often encounter three types of people: Butchers (perpetrators), White Sheep (bystanders) and Black sheep (victim).


The game revolves around the story of “black sheep” Ha Mong, a transfer student who was falsely accused of stealing tuition, then was isolated and ostracized by the whole school, and finally had to commit suicide to escape. . The player will play the role of Ly Huong Pham, Ha Mong’s best friend. While Ha Mong was suspected and attacked, Ly Huong Pham, as Ha Mong’s best friend, was at this time a typical “white sheep”, because he did not know the truth. Whatever happened, I chose to stay silent. After Ha Mong’s death, Ly Huong Pham wanted to go back to the past to change this truth. The method he chose was to turn himself into a “black sheep”.

There will always be “white sheep” who do not dare to speak up, only remaining silent and indifferent to everything

After returning to the past, because Ly Huong Pham was hopeless and helpless in the face of his classmates’ evil tricks, he chose an extremely extreme way: cutting off the communication line between the school and the outside world when he returned to the past. The flood happened to bury everything. However, Ha Mong, now knowing the whole truth, also went back in time and tried to stop Ly Huong Pham’s plan. Just like that, the two fell into an endless loop of mutual salvation. The only way to break the wheel of reincarnation is to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a female student named Ly Hoa 10 years ago…


Ten years ago, Ly Hoa, a student at Linh Ap High School, after being bullied and gang-raped, hanged herself. The incident was accidentally seen by Chu Uyen, who was doing homework in her mother’s office. Chu Uyen reported to the police, but before the police could arrive, the school quickly hid Ly Hoa’s body in the basement of the cafeteria. When a police officer named Ha Dien Thanh ran over, all the students who were asked responded that they did not know who had called the police or what body was there. Ly Hoa’s friend, Trinh Nghieu, told Ha police that Ly Hoa’s body was probably hidden in the basement of the restaurant, but somehow, the two searched everywhere but still couldn’t find anything. any trace. Trinh Nghieu wanted to avenge Ly Hoa, so he stole Ha Dien Thanh’s gun and shot the man who killed his friend. He was also seriously injured by the police and did not survive. Therefore, Ha Dien Thanh left Linh Ap and went to another place to live.

Ha Dien Thanh’s daughter, Ha Mong, later studied at Duong Thanh. A very heartbreaking incident also happened here when the girl’s friend, Duong Tuyet, jumped to her death from a building due to bullying and isolation from her friends. After the death of her close friend, Ha Mong transferred school to Linh Ap to ease the cruel reality. In order to hide her past, Ha Dien Thanh often deliberately got drunk, and the father-son relationship became increasingly cold.

The story started when Ha Mong transferred to Linh Ap high school. As a transfer student with psychological scars, Ha Mong was quickly isolated by her friends in class, with only Ly Huong Pham and Tran Phi being her two few friends. At this time, the class fund suddenly disappeared. The real culprit was a male student in the Foreign Language class. Because of borrowing high interest from the gangsters, he could not repay the debt, so he was too broke and took a risk. At the time the class fund was allegedly stolen, there was only Phung Nhuan in the class, so she naturally became the first suspect.

However, Phung Nhuan’s older sister, Phung Thanh, is a relative. To help her sister escape suspicion, she came up with a way to steal Ha Mong’s resident card, pretend to be Ha Mong, take the card to borrow money, then secretly put that money in Ha Mong’s locker to frame her. Kid steals class fund. Luckily, Ly Huong Pham later discovered the truth, resulting in Ha Mong being exonerated and Phung Thanh being expelled from school.

“He stole” – Ha Mong was falsely accused of stealing class funds

The story did not end there, because Tran Phi was too enthusiastic in helping Ha Mong integrate into the new environment, so they were rumored to be in love. Ly Huong Pham, jealous of the relationship between Tran Phi and Ha Mong, agreed to become a teacher’s spy.

Rumors of Ha Mong and Tran Phi being in love spread throughout the school campus

Returning to Chu Uyen, when she was a child, she saw Ly Hoa’s death with her own eyes and reported it to the police, but in the end the incident was covered up, making her think she was hallucinating. When she learned that Ha Mong was the daughter of Ha Dien Thanh, the police officer in charge of the old case, she vaguely felt like she had found the key to opening the door to the truth. Chu Uyen decided to take Ha Mong to meet Trinh Ham, a senior in the school. Trinh Ham is Trinh Nghieu’s younger sister. She has never forgotten her brother’s death and wants to avenge him.


Trinh Ham wants to meet Ha Mong privately to talk about this. Chu Uyen’s side stole a tape recorder from the school, with the intention of recording the conversation between these two people. However, the tape was taken away by Ly Huong Pham, who was worried about Ha Mong who had followed him. Trinh Ham and Ha Mong also decided to write a letter to report the incident to the principal at the same time, but the letter eventually fell into Ly Huong Pham’s hands. Ly Huong Pham then secretly put the recording and the anonymous letter in a drawer in the principal’s office, hoping that the principal would investigate and clarify the matter after receiving it.

In order not to make things more complicated, class president Do Kha proactively denounced to the teacher the love rumors between Tran Phi and Ha Mong, pointing the finger at Ha Mong. Chu Uyen then presented evidence that Ly Huong Pham was the teacher’s informer, so Do Kha’s actions successfully fell on Ly Huong Pham’s head. However, both Tran Phi and Ha Mong did not believe Ly Huong Pham did that, so the three’s relationship was still close and trusting.


Ha Mong’s life is becoming more and more frustrating. Because of the anonymous denunciation letter, the school stepped up student management, this made Trinh Ham and other gangs extremely uncomfortable. Other students also disliked Ha Mong, thinking that it was The girl is the author of that letter. At the year-end party, class president Do Kha and a group of other friends ganged up on Ha Mong, forcing her to reveal who wrote the anonymous letter. Ha Mong resolutely resisted to the end. As a result, right at the moment of preparing to enter the new year, Ha Mong was subjected to collective violence and finally chose to jump off a building and commit suicide.

Violence at the end of the year

Ha Mong helplessly chose to jump off the building and commit suicide

After learning that all of this was caused by his anonymous letter, Ly Huong Pham felt extremely regretful. If he could turn back time, he would accept the consequences and become the “Black Sheep” to replace Ha Mong. However, after returning to the past and facing isolation from his friends, Ly Huong Pham developed a desire for revenge. Therefore, the story goes back to the original details we mentioned: Ly Huong Pham cut off the communication line between the school and the outside world when the flood happened to bury them all together. After learning the truth, Ha Mong also went back in time to stop Ly Huong Pham. Just like that, the two fell into the eternal cycle of reincarnation.

To escape, Ly Huong Pham needs to collect all the investigation clues from Ha Dien Thanh’s past and hand them over to Ha Mong before she jumps to her death. The two wanted to gain everyone’s consensus and joined hands to write a letter requesting a thorough re-investigation of Ly Hoa’s case but failed, Ly Huong Pham actually died instead of Ha Mong. At this time, Ha Mong alone had to go back to the time when she first transferred schools, calling on her friends to write a letter requesting a re-investigation of Ly Hoa’s death.

After successfully getting the signatures of her classmates, she met Ly Huong Pham on the rooftop. At this time, Ly Huong Pham did not yet know Ha Mong, but the two seemed to have been together for a long time.


Above is the entire plot of “Black Sheep”. Although the plot of “Black Sheep” is not too new, it can strike a strong chord in the players’ psychology because the details in the game are really familiar, many people are even the main characters in the stories. that.​

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