The Penjikent Creature – Minecraft-style horror game that haunts the community

As an archaeologist, you are always interested in artifacts from lost cultures. That’s why when you learn that such an artifact is being held by Bertha’s family, you drive over without any hesitation. Mrs. Bertha is one of the last descendants of the archaeological team in the Penjikent area of ​​Tajikistan in 1876, so the artifact must have a lot of historical value.

When you arrive, you realize that the artifact is a mural that is older than what you and its owner thought. Painted around the 6th Century, the painting depicts a strange creature with an appearance unlike any commonly seen animal. Things became even more unusual when the picture showed images of people kneeling around this creature. A form of worship? A form of sacrifice? Not only that, its size must be many times larger than those other figures.

It is truly very strange. But you still don’t forget your duty, as an archaeologist. Let’s focus on finding historical traces related to it, you thought to yourself. But while checking the documents left by the family of the archaeological team in the past, along with the strange events leading to the discovery of this painting, you suddenly realize… that the image of the creature in the painting has appeared. disappear. The ancient painting now only has distorted human shapes in it, as if something had erased it without a trace.


The Penjikent Creature is the title horror game combines exploration/puzzle elements, with the graphic style of Minecraft. In the game, players will take on the role of an archaeologist investigating an ancient mural from the 6th century, which is said to depict a mystical creature from the Sogdian culture.

Unlike other horror games that focus heavily on graphics, The Penjikent Creature shows an “angular” style with pixel dots clearly visible on the screen. However, that does not mean that the game reduces the spooky and scary part in the atmosphere. Even on the contrary, The Penjikent Creature also brings a unique mystery and devilry, allowing players to focus entirely on the plot and uncovering the true nature of the “demon in the picture”.

The game’s gameplay also includes in-depth puzzles where gamers must use and interact with objects to find solutions to the mysteries surrounding ancient creatures. This can be compared to Bertha’s family photo album, which often breaks locks by adjusting ancient symbols according to a certain rule.


The Penjikent Creature is now released on PC on, ready for gamers to download right here.

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