The most controversial CEO in the gaming industry speaks out about Blizzard’s employee harassment scandal

Managing director Activision Blizzardgrandfather Bobby Kotick sent a warning letter to all employees after the lawsuit allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination At the company. In the letter, Kotick called the company’s initial response to the lawsuit “quite lukewarm” and pledged that management would “immediately evaluate the managers and leaders within the company. ” The letter was sent the evening before an organized strike by Activision Blizzard employees.


Activision Blizzard’s initial response to the lawsuit was a scathing denial, with a company spokesperson calling the allegations “misrepresented and largely false.” Afterwards, Blizzard president J Allen Brack commented on the lawsuit as “extremely troubling” in an internal email.


Activision Blizzard’s response to the lawsuit drew widespread public criticism from current and former employees of the company, culminating in plans to stage a strike on July 28. Director Kotick’s letter is the first specific acknowledgment of these concerns. Readers can see the detailed content of the letter here.​

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