The monster hunting masterpiece Monster Hunter Stories 2 is about to release a demo for free play

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin officially released on July 9. Before that time, players can experience the session early Demo version of the game on June 25. Progress in the demo will be carried over to the final version.


The free demo is just one of many news stories Monster Hunter Stories 2 announced during E3 2021’s presentation Capcom. Ahead of the demo announcement, Capcom showed off a brand new story trailer, offering the most comprehensive look at Monster Hunter Stories 2 yet.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 revolves around a hunter named Red, who inherits a Rathalos with a prophecy that this creature will bring terrible disaster to humanity. The main plot theme in Monster Hunter Stories 2 is the ability to establish relationships with monsters and avoid hunting or skinning them for equipment. However, making friends with monsters is not something that is well received by other characters in the game.


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