The male gamer was dragged out of the internet cafe at dawn by the teacher because… his university entrance exam score was too high

Currently in China, the issue that most people are paying attention to is probably the results of the high school graduation exam. While other students are anxiously waiting for their test scores, the boy Vuong Hai Ham is not very interested in it. The only thing that interests him right now is only the game, not like that when the results come out. exam, Vuong Hai Ham is still playing games at internet shop.​

Vuong Hai Ham – Natural poinsettia of Tin Duong city

Vuong Hai Ham is a 12th grade student in Tin Duong city, Henan province (China). In the recent high school graduation exam, he scored 712 points (maximum score 750) in literature, math and language. He got 137, 149, 145 respectively (maximum score for each subject is 150 points). With extremely impressive scores, Vuong Hai Ham became the natural “poinsettia” of Tin Duong city.

However, this student was not the first person to know his test scores because at that time he was still busy… playing games. In the early morning of June 25, after looking up Hai Ham’s achievements, his homeroom teacher had to go to the internet cafe and ask another student to come in and call him out.​

After finishing the exam, Vuong Hai Ham often visited the internet cafe

It is known that Vuong Hai Ham’s father is a 12th grade Math teacher, and his mother is also an elementary school Math teacher. Continuing the family tradition, Vuong Hai Ham has very good results in Math, almost achieving a perfect score in the recent exam. According to Vuong Hai Ham’s father’s revelation, he is a smart, calm person who rarely stays up late to study, and sometimes even plays on the phone. But he knows how to control himself. When he was in middle school, he often played games, but when he reached 12th grade, he stopped playing at all. Perhaps Vuong Hai Ham now frequents internet cafes to make up for the year he spent away from the game to focus on studying for exams.

With scores this high, Vuong Hai Ham is qualified to enter any of China’s top universities. He submitted his application to Beijing University – a prestigious school that is always the dream of every Chinese student besides Tsinghua University.

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