The League of Legends anime tells the childhood lives of Jinx and Vi through short videos on Chinese social networks

On the occasion of his 10th birthday anniversary, League of Legends (League of Legends) has posted a teaser trailer for the upcoming animated series titled Arcane and revealed to us that this movie will most likely be about the origins of Vi and Jinx as well as why the two became sworn enemies. Along with the stories of the two legends, fans can also know the hidden love behind the twin cities of Piltover and Zaun.

Jinx and Vi have had a complicated relationship since childhood.

In a 2-minute longer video recently posted on social media Weibo of China, viewers can recognize the two characters talking to each other in Piltover city as young Jinx and Vi. Both sisters shared memories of when they were children and where they used to live. At the end of the video, sister Vi told Jinx that she was “stronger than I thought” and even said that one day, this city will have to respect both of them.

It seems that the Arcane TV series will use the setting in the twin cities, so there is a high possibility that fans will meet many other Legends such as Viktor, Warwick, Caitlyn or any other champions in the region. . The film is expected to air this fall on the Netflix platform.


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