The game “Pokemon shooting” has exploded in sales, receiving praise from the gaming community

Palworld – title survival game Dubbed the “shooting Pokemon”, it was officially launched yesterday (January 19) on various platforms. PC and consoles. And just 8 hours after opening for sale, the developer’s “child”. Pocketpair achieved “explosive” sales with 1 million copies sold worldwide.


In just a few hours from early access, Palworld had up to 200,000 concurrent players on Steam. This number has quickly increased and reached the highest threshold of 491,273 players (According to data from Steam Database). It can be said that Palworld’s debut was as impressive as previous Valheim. It is known that Valheim peaked at 350,000 players, but that was 2 weeks after launch.

As of the time of writing, Palworld has received more than 7,000 reviews on Steam and is rated “Very Positive”. In particular, many players praised the game’s interesting loops as well as the gameplay of creating and surviving with Pal – creatures with an appearance reminiscent of Pokemon but are armed to the teeth with many modern guns.


The world of Palworld does not have strict laws, players can capture, breed or even enslave Pals, forcing them to work to build factories and properties for themselves. Not only Pal, even humans are not safe here. Players can absolutely kidnap humans, set up a supply chain to sell their parts on the black market. This feature sounds quite dark, in complete contrast to the game’s colorful graphics. However, perhaps these contrasts are the bright spots that create the attraction for Palworld.

Palworld is being sold on Steam with a 10% discount, you can buy the game here

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