The first animated movie about League of Legends – Arcane will have Season 2

Series cartoon League of Legends Firstly – Arcane has brought impressive success to Riot Games and Netflix, so it’s no surprise that Arcane Season 2 was confirmed just as the first season ended. Season 1 of Arcane has now ended and the series received praise from even non-players League of Legends – This is good news for Riot Games.


Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent promises that Arcane is “the start of the next chapter for Riot,” so the studio will be working on similar projects in the future, starting with Arcane Season 2 – has now been confirmed as “in production”. However, Riot Games has not yet announced the release date of Arcane Season 2, so it’s likely that fans will have to wait another two years.

The teaser is quite vague and has no specific images, but viewers can hear a dialogue and an interesting sound at the end of the video. Many fans believe the sound is the metallic heartbeat of Warwick the werewolf. Warwick (real name Vander) was introduced in Season 1. It looks like Warwick will be the new star in Season 2.​

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