The Finals developer spoke out about the hack/cheat problem, promising a fix will be available soon

The Finals, a free shooting game from Korea, has quickly become an emerging name in the FPS industry and is loved by the community. However, like many other FPS games, the problem of hacking/cheating immediately followed and became a significant obstacle to the development of this game. The issue recently reached a fever pitch, with fans even demanding that The Finals developer block the Chinese region as many hackers/cheaters were reported to use names in Chinese characters. Of course, this is not the solution Embark Studios can agree. At the same time, The Finals’ community manager also explained that these hackers/cheaters are not actually Chinese, but just use Chinese names to make it harder to be reported.​


Despite the controversy, The Finals still quickly became one of the most popular names recently. A few days after appearing at The Game Awards, The Finals even had a superior performance compared to Call of Duty on Steam. The development team is not using this success as an excuse to rest, as Embark Studios has been diligently updating The Finals in the following weeks since the game’s launch.


Finals developer Embark Studios announced on Discord that a fix is ​​in the works to fix the game’s recent cheating issues. As first reported by IGN, Embark claimed that a technical issue had kept the team out “effectively bans cheaters”. Luckily, the developers say a fix is ​​coming so the team will once again be able to commit to its anti-cheat efforts.

“We are now close to finding a solution to this error and we have begun upgrading our anti-cheat measures again. Thank you for your patience as we continue to resolve the issues. Our biggest priority is to keep the game smooth, safe and fair for gamers.”


Embark Studios did not provide an exact time frame for when the fix will be available, but this is still welcome news for gamers. Without a proper solution, the problem of hacking/cheating can completely become a burden that can take down an entire game.

Another issue that also makes The Finals unpopular with gamers is criticism due to the use of AI for voice acting instead of real voice actors. However, they only stopped at criticizing and did not rise to the level of protesting and being anti-game.

Despite the above problems, The Finals is still very successful with a huge number of players. The fact that Embark Studios is not resting on its laurels and is still diligently updating the game is a plus point that allows gamers to temporarily ignore minor glitches. It’s unknown how far The Finals’ future will go, but at the present time, the game is definitely a name not to be missed at the end of 2023.

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