The Day Before developer criticized bloggers for its failure, seemingly planning a new game

The Day Before has closed and disappeared, but the people behind it are still not at peace. In a latest statement from the developer Fntastic, the disastrous game was ruined through no fault of their own. The cause is “bloggers” and “content creators”, who have created a wave of hostility and caused the game to be hated more than usual.

The Day Before was revealed in 2021 with several trailers that left viewers overwhelmed with an apocalyptic survival MMO game. It’s like a combination of The Division, GTA V and The Last of Us. Fntastic even stated in its February 2021 IGN Fan Fest video that the game would be “A real breakthrough for the survival genre (massively multiplayer online).” The game was then continuously delayed compared to the expected release date, for extremely unconvincing reasons, such as switching from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5 or copyright disputes over the game name…


This font of The Day Before is said to be an exact copy of the font of The Last of Us

Despite this, The Day Before still became one of the most anticipated games on Steam. However, that expectation quickly turned into an overwhelming disappointment when it was released. The game couldn’t deliver on any of the things it promised, degraded graphics, no MMO, poor gameplay, tons of bugs, terrible enemy AI… The game was immediately engulfed in anger. Gamer’s data.​

A few days after The Day Before released (December 7, 2023) to countless bad reviews, developer Fntastic announced its closure, saying “bad things happened” and removing everything possibly as well as the announcement that the game’s servers will be shut down in January. Things are slowly settling down, but they don’t seem to want to just leave like that. On X/Twitter on January 24, Fntastic spoke up to “expose” some “misinformation” from anonymous sources and criticized “bloggers” and “content creators” as the cause. cause the game to fail.

Video comparing actual gameplay and trailer of The Day Before

In the statement, Fntastic said that the studio “has always conducted its business honestly,” and has had a great relationship with publisher Mytona since The Day Before was revealed in 2021. says the statements about Fntastic “deceiving players (and) investors” is untrue and that the developers “don’t take a penny” from anyone. According to Fntastic, the real profiteers are bloggers and content creators, people “earn huge amounts of money by creating false content with big headlines in the first place to attract views and followers”.


The group then also gave a reason that they believe will explain the failure of The Day Before. It’s like a form of confirmation bias, when too many people criticize a game, it’s difficult for others to believe it’s a good game. The group also mentioned that even after the game was closed, it was still sold on the black market for $200, proving how popular it was. Finally, Fntastic has asked everyone to “follow our social media” to stay tuned for new things from the studio.

Is it the bloggers who caused Fntastic’s The Day Before to have so many errors?

In general, Fntastic completely denies responsibility for the badness of the game they created. The entire article is about blaming, and the call for follow-up at the end of the article is the main purpose. It seems that after the failure of The Day Before, this studio still wants to create a new game.

Fntastic’s post received a lot of criticism, had to be deleted and then reposted with the same content. I don’t know how the company has conceived a new game, but it certainly won’t be easy for it to gain the trust of gamers like last time.​

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