The Crack team loudly affirmed that they successfully cracked RE8 without lag

Many people have no problem playing Resident Evil Village on PC, but others complained that their game stuttered, especially when swarms of flies appeared during boss battles, when enemies grabbed the player to bite, or during cutscenes, when the enemy is dead and in the market area.


Crack group Empress announced they have successfully jailbroken RE Village and fixed the above problems by bypassing Denuvo DRM (Denuvo anti-jailbreak system). Empress notes about the crack as follows: “All stutters in the game such as when killing zombies are fixed because DRM functionality is almost no longer effective after Capcom DRM’s initial points have been patched. System The game’s Denuvo anti-jailbreak system has been completely messed up, causing RE8 to run slower.”

The difference in running performance of RE Village is illustrated in the video above, the jailbroken version runs much smoother than the original. However, there are a few things to note. First, the two versions are run on two different Nvidia GPU drivers – the original runs on 466.63, while the jailbreak version runs on 471.11. More notably, the unlocked version completely lacks the vampire bite animation, and footage of other boss attacks also disappears.​

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