The Chinese goddess of League of Legends suddenly posted a photo wearing a wedding dress, causing fans to stir

If you are a fan League of Legends Surely you have heard the name once Candice. With her beautiful, gentle beauty, extensive professional knowledge as well as skillful interviewing style, Candice is currently one of the most famous female casters in the LPL, loved by many gamers.​


Yesterday, Candice suddenly posted a few photos and a video in which she looked extremely gorgeous in a pristine wedding dress, causing fans to stir. Besides praising the beautiful “goddess”, many netizens are curious if Candice is preparing to get married. Some fans even tagged Quan Trach Nguyen – Candice’s ex-boyfriend, under her post.

Candice and Quan Trach Nguyen – famous male commentator of League of Legends once had a beautiful relationship and received the support of many fans. However, the two announced their separation in July 2020, after 3 years together. However, Candice and Quan Trach Nguyen still maintain a good friendship. The male commentator also spoke up to protect and comfort Candice when she was visited by crazy fans at her house earlier this year.​

Considering that Candice just broke up with her boyfriend for less than a year, the possibility of her getting married is not high. As for the wedding dress, it is most likely an outfit for a certain activity or simply worn to take pictures for fun. Hopefully LPL’s beautiful, multi-talented caster will be found soon

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