The AOE VN community mourns the farewell of CEO Duc – The brother who spent his entire youth devoted to the Empire

This afternoon, Fanpage Aoe 247 suddenly announced bad news to the AOE fan community in Vietnam. Accordingly, Mr. Nguyen Hoai Duc (or jokingly known as Mr German CEOBau Duc) – Director of EGO Media Joint Stock Company unfortunately passed away early this morning, leaving his family, relatives and friends with great sadness and loss.


His passing was so sudden that many people were surprised. Below the posts of individuals as well as the Fanpage of the AOE VN community, everyone expressed their appreciation for his silent contributions when he spent his youth and youth dedicating himself to the cause. Empire VN in general and for EGO in particular.


Although he has gone far, the values ​​he left behind will always be recognized and appreciated by his friends and brothers. Everyone will always remember CEO Duc as a friendly, enthusiastic, sociable brother who always devoted himself to his country’s Empire. In response to the sudden passing of Mr. Nguyen Hoai Duc, Clan SBS and EGO Media announced the cancellation of all remaining AOE matches this afternoon and evening.


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