The 53-year-old uncle donated more than 12 billion in savings to the female streamer. His wife was angry and sued him in court

Streamer is currently a potential job in many countries around the world, streamers will always create new content to satisfy the needs of the audience, in return the audience can donate to support the streamer. This is a voluntary action and completely legal, but if you donate too much, things will no longer be fun.


The court in Shanghai (China) recently received a lawsuit from a middle-aged woman whose defendant was her husband, a livestream platform and female streamer of this platform. According to the lawsuit, this 53-year-old uncle living in Shanghai donated a total of 780,000 yuan (about 12.5 billion VND) within 10 months from April 2018 to January 2019 to female streamer Tieu Giai.

It is known that his monthly income is less than 10,000 yuan (35 million VND), his wife is constantly sick and cannot work, his daughter graduated from college and still has not found a job, and the family conditions are not good. become well off. That amount of 780,000 yuan is the family’s savings over many years.

This man said it was Tieu Giai who seduced him. She claimed to be studying abroad and that when she returned home, she would meet and date him in real life. The two are in a relationship, which is also the reason why he donated so much money to Tieu Giai.


As for the foundation livestream and Tieu Giai, they think that as an adult, he completely knows what he is doing. He bought virtual items such as “roses” and “fireworks” to donate to Tieu Giai. At the same time, he also enjoyed benefits such as interacting with the streamer and listening to her sing. He even had the right to request Tieu Giai. Giai performed the performance he wanted. At the same time, Tieu Giai also said that she had absolutely no relationship in real life, she did not know that he was married and had no intention of destroying other people’s families.

The livestream platform and Tieu Giai refused the refund request from this man’s wife. She was so angry that she filed a lawsuit in court. The court said that it was difficult to judge that the actions of the man and female streamer Tieu Giai were an act of giving and receiving, on the contrary, it was consistent with an online service contract relationship, which is why the court rejected it. wife’s lawsuit.

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