The 3D League of Legends anime released a new trailer, revealing the intertwined love and hate relationship of Jinx and Vi

As part of Netflix’s Geeked Week taking place last Friday, Riot and Netflix has released the latest images of Arcane – series anime first full of League of Legends. The trailer partly shows us the complicated relationship between two famous League of Legends champions, Jinx and Vi.

From the trailer, it can be seen that Arcane is set mainly in the technology paradise of Piltover and its “twin” city, Zaun, where technological terrorism is still uncontrolled. The two cities are often in conflict with each other, and Zaun’s residents do not hesitate to flood the streets of Piltover and cause chaos.

Arcane’s latest trailer focuses on Jinx – a cybercriminal from Zaun. However, the surprising thing is, she is the sister of Vi, one of the best police officers in Piltover. The trailer gives us short flashbacks to Jinx and Vi’s past. It seems like the love-hate relationship between Jinx and Vi will be at the center of Arcane, hopefully the film will reveal more about the lives of these two characters.​


Arcane is currently manufactured by Riot Games and Fortiche Productions – a studio that has participated in producing many short anime for Riot in the past, including K/DA’s Pop/Stars music video. The movie will premiere on Netflix this fall, it is currently unclear which additional characters from League of Legends will appear in the movie.​

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